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Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2001 Meeting
University Club, Lansing

Chair Diane Royal called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m..


    Diane Royal
    William Fulkerson
    Thomas Sparks
    Sharon Feldman
    Marya Nelson-Davis
    Peter Lark
    Jackie Doig
    Erick Williams
    Bruce Maughan


    Sharon Feldman


    John Pirich
    Kay Hansen

Chair Diane Royal announced the presence of a quorum.

Minutes of February 2001 Meeting

    A motion to adopt the minutes of the February 2001 meeting as circulated by Secretary Jackie Doig, with the addition of Bruce Maughan to the list of those present at the meeting, was made by Bruce Maughan, seconded by Tom Sparks, and passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer Tom Sparks reported that he had not received a report from the State Bar in some time, but that the last balance was $22,199.35. Tom will follow up on directing that 10% of the Section's balance as of December 15, 2000, will be paid to the Access to Justice fund.

Committee Reports

    1. Bylaw Revision Committee

    Bill Fulkerson reported that he has contacted the State Bar and they have advised that they do not require any standard language. Areas in which revision may be in order include: (1) Composition of the Nominating Committee—perhaps include the chair, as no members or officers of the section are currently included; (2) Perhaps combine the duties of secretary and treasurer; (3) Perhaps eliminate the $1.00 membership for students; (4) Perhaps set forth the duties of the chair elect; (5) Perhaps eliminate the representatives from other sections.

    The committee will circulate and present some draft suggestions to the council at the next meeting, which will be held prior to the September 2001 membership meeting at the State Bar of Michigan Annual Meeting.

    2. Bar Journal Theme Issue Committee

    Chair Diane Royal reported for Sharon Feldman, who was absent, that two of the persons who committed to submit have not yet done so, but the others have been received. There is a July 14, 2001, deadline.

Old Business
    1. Quarterly

    Peter Lark agreed to speak with Dean Don LeDuc regarding the possibility of LeDuc or his students doing a state of the law issue for the Quarterly. It was agreed that the Section does not wish to have the Quarterly taken over by the law school.

    2. Annual Meeting Speaker and Topic

    It was agreed that a panel discussion on utility de-regulation/restructuring would be interesting to the section and perhaps others. Peter Lark, Bill Fulkerson, and Bruce Maughan agreed to assist Diane in arranging speakers, with the hopes of having a consumer advocate from another state, as well as an industry representative.

New Business

    1. Committee to Address Changes to Administrative Rules on Administrative Proceedings

    Diane Royal reported that Mike Zimmer said the proposed rules are not yet ready for review and comment by the Section. Apparently there have been significant changes since the original draft was circulated to those within the Bureau.

    2. Seminar for Fall 2001 or Spring 2002

    The Council deferred discussion to a future meeting.

    3. Council Membership

    Diane Royal announced that Karl Benghauser has resigned from the Council.

    The Council discussed the fact that John Pirich has not attended any meetings since his election to the Council, and has had unexcused absences from the December, February, and june meetings. In accordance with Article III Section 6 of the Section Bylaws, Bruce Maughan moved that Mr. Pirich's seat be declared vacant, and Jackie Doig seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. Secretary Jackie Doig will inform Mr. Pirich of the action taken.

    Chair Diane Royal circulated letters of interest and resumes that she received from Jill Nylander and Susan Schoppa, as prospective Council members. Tom Sparks moved and Bill Fulkerson seconded the motion to appoint Jill Nylander to fill Karl Benghauser's position, which expires in 2002, and to appoint Susan Schoppa to John Pirich's position, which expires in 2003. The motion passed unanimously.

    4. July 18, 2001, Council Meeting

    A Council meeting was set for July 18, 2001 at 6:30 P.M. at the University Club.

Motion to Adjourn

    On a motion by Marya Nelson-Davis, seconded by Diane Royal, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.



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