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Meeting Minutes

October 29, 1998
Lansing City Club


    Karl Benghauser
    Robert Nelson
    Diane Royalv
    Douglas Dosson
    Sharon Feldman
    J. Peter Lark
    William Fulkerson
    Erick Williams
    Katherine Hansen
    Daniel E. Nickerson


    Terence Davis
    Jaqueline Doig (went to the University Club—could not find where we were meeting)
    Bruce Maughan

The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30 p.m. by Robert Nelson. The minutes were approved as read upon a motion by Robert Nelson and supported by Sharon Feldman.

There was no treasurers report as the State Bar was in the process of finalizing the prior year's records.

The Michigan State Bar Foundation requested that all section councils consider contributing to the Access to Justice Leadership Campaign pledge. Both proceeds from the endowment income and operating gifts will be distributed according to the Michigan State Bar Foundation Grant Application and Evaluation Procedures. After a short discussion regarding whether or not the Administrative Law Section should make a contribution, it was decided that we will discuss this at a later meeting. If the section decides to contribute it was suggested that we look into earmarking a certain dollar amount for a specific need.

Erick Williams gave a brief program committee report regarding the May, 1999 Spring Program. He explained that there were seven slots with seven programs that will be offered. As the time draws near, more specific information will be given.

There was the necessity of electing a new council member since Robert Nelson's council term was up. Sharon Feldman nominated Katherine Hansen as the new council member and was seconded by Diane Royal. The motion carried.

Erick Williams reported on the ongoing Everett Perry Case. He passed around and familiarized those present with the Order from the U.S. District Court which addressed decisional freedom and Mr. Perry's 1993 First Amendment claims. Mr. Perry's attorneys have asked that the Administrative Law Section submit an Amicus Brief. Mr. Fred Baker of the ACLU has offered to do the major the portion of the work. A motion to submit a narrowly focused Amicus Brief which would address only the First Amendment rights was brought by Diane Royal, seconded by Robert Nelson, and was passed. Erick Williams will provide an update on the website.

Robert Nelson reported on the State Bar Legislative Committee Meeting which will be held November 23 at the State Bar Building. (That meeting was postponed and will be held on January 28 at the MSU Detroit College of Law.) At that meeting there is usually a guest from the Legislature who identifies various bills upon which the State Bar may be interested in taking a position. Diane Royal agreed to attend that meeting with Sharon Feldman as the alternate attendee.

Erick Williams reported on the newsletter status. The next deadline is December 9, 1998. There ensued a request for new articles and a discussion of how to encourage more authors to submit articles.

Karl Benghauser reported on the Section website and discussed various ideas that may be of interest. It was suggested that Judge Duggan's Opinion be put on the website and that Karl investigate whether or not there was a possibility of getting an ABA website link. There was some discussion regarding "publishing" a letter received from an attorney from Lincoln, Michigan, which complained about the elimination of the State of the Law manual given out at the annual State Bar Conference, but nothing was resolved.

There was an inquiry as to who are the current council liaisons with the Board of Commissioners and other bar sections. It was unclear as to who compiled the entire list. Sharon Feldman suggested that at the next meeting, appointments for various committees be made and an update of council liaisons be prepared.

A motion to excuse Terrence Davis and Bruce Maughan's absence was made, seconded and passed. (Jaqueline Doig attempted to attend, but could not find the meeting place.)



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