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Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2001
Lansing Center

Chair Diane Royal called the meeting to order at 7:40 a.m.


    Diane Royal
    William Fulkerson
    Thomas Sparks
    Sharon Feldman
    Susan Schoppa
    Peter Lark
    Jill Nylander
    Bruce Maughan
    Jackie Doig


    Marya Nelson-Davis


    Erick Williams
    Kay Hansen

Chair Diane Royal announced the presence of a quorum and the proposed agenda was approved.

Minutes of July 2001 Meeting

    Draft minutes of the July 2001 Meeting were distributed to the members, to be supplemented by Sharon Feldman, who agreed to act as Secretary when Secretary Jackie Doig was late for the July 18, 2001 Council meeting. Action on the minutes was deferred.

Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer Tom Sparks reported that the section has a current balance of Approximately $20,000 with outstanding commitments of approximately $2,500, or a net balance in the range of $17,500.

    Chair Elect William Fulkerson moved to accept the Treasurer's Report. The motion was seconded by Sharon Feldman and passed by the Council.

Committee Reports

    1. Nominating Committee

    Diane Royal reported that the nominating committee, consisting of Stewart Binke, Nancy Lukey, Don Erickson, Susan McParland, and Steve Gray met and recommended that Jill Nylander and Susan Schoppa be confirmed as members of the council and that Bruce Maughan, Linda Fausey, Stewart Binke, and Howard Spence fill the seats that are open for a term ending 2004. Stewart Binke dod not participate in the committee's vote on his nomination.

    The slate of nominees was accepted by the council for presentation to the membership at the annual meeting, on a motion by Jackie Doig, seconded by Sharon Feldman.

    2. Bar Journal Theme Issue Committee:

    Sharon Feldman, reported that the articles for the issue should be shipped to the editor shortly, well within the State Bar's deadline.

Old Business

    1. Quarterly

    Peter Lark reported that he had hoped to put out an edition with articles from the comments of the annual meeting speakers. He will continue to pursue leads on other articles.

    2. Annual Meeting Speakers

    Because of the national situation, the California panel panelist cannot attend and the panel discussion has been cancelled. It was agreed that Peter Lark would attempt to convene the panel discussion on utility de-regulation/restructuring at another time before the end of 2001. Jackie Doig will assist Peter in making arrangements for the presentation, hopefully at the State bar building.

New Business

    1. Excused Absences

    Marya Nelson-Davis was excused.

    2. Motion to Adjourn

    On a motion by Tom Sparks, seconded by Sharon Feldman, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:25 a.m.



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