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Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2000, Meeting
Kellogg Center, Lansing

Chair Diane Royal called the meeting to order.


    Diane Royal
    Bill Fulkerson
    Karl Benghauser
    Erick Wililiams
    Marya Nelson-Davis
    Peter Lark
    Sharon Feldman
    Tom Sparks
    Jackie Doig


    Kay Hansen
    Bruce Maughan
    John Pirich

Past chair Erick Williams reported that there was no business transacted at the Council meeting at the State Bar of Michigan Annual Meeting in September even though there was a quorum. Council business, including election of officers, was postponed due to the large number of excused absences.

Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer Jackie Doig reported that the Section is in sound financial shape, but membership is down from last year and the income and expenses associated with the seminar have not yet been included in the financial reports from the State Bar.

    The Council voted to accept the Treasurer's Report, on a motion by Tom Sparks, with a second by Bill Fulkerson.

Discussion of Membership Recruitment

    It was suggested that the Section consider an advertisement in the Bar Journal for members and follow up letters to non-section members who attended the seminar.


    Diane Royal reported that approximately $3900–$4000 in income is anticipated from the seminar, but an accounting of expenses is not yet available.

Nomination and Election of Treasurer for 2000-2001

    Tom Sparks was elected as Treasurer following a nomination by Sharon Feldman, which was seconded by Karl Benghauser.


    A committee was formed to review and suggest updates to the section bylaws, to consist of Chair Elect Bill Fulkerson, with Sharon Feldman and Marya Nelson-Davis. Jackie Doig will serve as an alternate if Sharon is unable to attend committee meetings.

Future Seminars

    Chair Elect Bill Fulkerson will explore the possibility of a joint program with the Labor & Employment Law Section.

Meeting Schedule

    Council Meetings for the 2000-2001 year were set for December 6, 2000; February 7, 2001; April 4, 2001; and June 6, 2001; at 6:30 p.m., with the location to be announced.

    Roundtable Meeting on Proposed Procedural Rules for CIS Hearings

    The council discussed and tentatively agreed to sponsor a roundtable discussion of the proposed procedural rules for CIS hearings when they come out. Also discussed was the possibility of using this as an opportunity to recruit new members for the section.


    Sharon Feldman will be the Administrative Law liaison to the Environmental Law Section.

    The Business Law, Public Corporation, and Taxation Sections have an opportunity to send a liaison to our meetings. The chair will contact those sections.

    Administrative Law Quarterly

    Past Chair Erick Williams will do one more issue as editor, and Peter Lark will assist and then succeed Erick as editor. The Council again extends sincere thanks to Erick for all of his excellent work on the Quarterly.

    Bill Fulkerson and Peter Lark will check with DCL and Cooley Law School on students willing to do a case update for the Quarterly. Chair Diane Royal will contact the Health Law Section and the Elder Law Section regarding submissions to the Quarterly.


    Karl Benghauser will update the site with the meeting dates and 200-2001 officers.

    Erick and Peter will include information in the Quarterly encouraging section members to visit the website and send suggestions for information to be included on the website.

Bar Journal Administrative Law Issue

    Sharon Feldman and Karl Benghauser reported that the issue will be in the Fall of 2001, with submissions needed by March or April of 2001. We need 50 pages for the issue. Sharon has information on formatting, style, etc.

    A few commitments to write articles have been received. Sharon and Karl will follow up on other ideas that were discussed at the meeting.

Other Committees

    Chair Diane Royal will look at the past minutes regarding the standing committees and the Council will consider this year's committee structure and the appointment of chairs for the committees at the next meeting, in December.


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