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Awards & Nominations

ADR Section Awards

    At the ADR Section’s Annual Meeting, the Section presents awards to those individuals, entities, or programs which have demonstrated exemplary service in the field of dispute resolution. Recipients may be anyone who meets the stated criteria and nominees need not be ADR Section members or lawyers.

  • Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual, program, or entity at the ADR Section’s annual meeting, and is given in recognition of significant contributions to the field of dispute resolution. Current Council members are not eligible to receive this award.

  • Nanci S. Klein Award is presented to an individual, program, or entity at the ADR Section’s annual meeting, and is given in recognition of exemplary programs, initiatives, and leaders in the field of community dispute resolution.

Distinguished Service Award

    2014: Richard L. Hurford
    William Weber
    2012: Eugene Driker
    2011: Anne Bachle Fifer
    2010: Bill Warters
    2009: Barbara Johannessen
    2008: Tracy Allen
    2007: Harry Mika
    2006: Dale A Iverson
    2005: Lynwood S Beekman
    2004: Amy Glass
    2003: Zena Zumeta
    2002: Tom & Darylene Shea
    2001: George Roummel
    2000: Doug Van Epps
    1999: George Bashara
    1998: Mary Bedikian

Nanci S. Klein Award

    2014: Marquette-Alger Resolution Service
    2013: Pamela Chapman Enslen
    2012: Matt Balfe
    2011: No award given
    2010: Doug Van Epps
    2009: DRC of Washtenaw & Livingston counties
    2008: Wayne Mediation Center
    2007: David Gruber
    2006: Peer Mediation Partnership of Lansing
    2005: Nanci Klein

George N. Bashara, Jr. Award

    2014: Lee Hornberger
    Brian Pappas
    2012: Donna Craig/ Nina Abrams
    2011: David Gruber/ Dan Cherrin
    2010: Gene Esshaki
    2009: Robert Wright
    2008: Toni Raheem/Chris Webb
    2007: Donna J Craig
    2006: Barbara Johannessen  
    2005: Susan Hartman
    2004: Richard Braun
    2003: Dale Ann Iverson
    2002: George Bashara


    2014–2015: Martin C. Wiseman
    2013–2014: Toni Raheem
    2012–2013: Robert E. Lee Wright
    2011–2012: Dave Baumhart
    2010–2011: Donna Craig
    2009–2010: Charles Judson
    2008–2009: James Vlasic
    2007–2008: Tony Braun
    2006–2007: Barbara A. Johannessen
    2005–2006: Alan Kanter
    2004–2005: Richard L. Hurford
    2003–2004: Deb Berecz
    2002–2003: Jon Kingsepp
    2001–2002: Dale Iverson
    2000–2001: J. Patrick Martin
    1999–2000: Amy J. Glass
    1998–1999: Michael P. Coakley
    1997–1998: Hon. James M. Alexander
    1996–1997: Laurence D. Connor
    1995–1996: Benjamin A. Kerner
    1994–1995: Mary A. Bedikian
    1993–1994: Mark L. McAlpine
    1992–1993: Joel H. Schavrien
    1991–1992: Harvey W. Berman



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