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April 2009

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Chair's Letter from Diane L. Akers

The transformation of the auto industry, which we in Michigan have been watching for a number of years, appears to have reached a watershed. As governmental agencies attempt to engender economic stability and promote growth, their processes and plans may leave some of us wondering how the steps they implement today will lead to the results they predict and whether the approaches employed are consistent or ad hoc only.

In particular, Michigan business lawyers see every day that the difficulties faced by the auto companies and their many levels of suppliers affect all segments of the economy because we represent those non-auto industry businesses. They, too, are cutting back and suffering the adverse effects that have arisen, partly from the auto industry's troubles.

But, can't this economic interrelatedness also be a source of strength? Michigan businesses keep on going, keep on innovating, keep on planning and keep on looking toward the future, and business lawyers can help them do that. Yes, Michigan's economy is down and the depressed auto industry is part of the reason. But we have natural resources, talent and drive and, regardless of which paths the auto makers follow, the rest of Michigan's business community can and should be a base of support of the auto industry.

Climate Change and Sustainability Conference

Arrangements are now complete for the April 22 conference co-sponsored by the Business Law Section's Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability that I referred to in last month's newsletter. The conference will be held at the St. John's Conference Center in Plymouth, Michigan. Registration materials will be available on the BLS website in a few days.

21st Annual Business Law Institute

The Section's annual big event, the Business Law Institute, will be held next month in Grand Rapids. Register now for great CLE and the chance to mix with your colleagues.

Continuing Legal Education Reflects Economy

The economy in Michigan is facing serious problems and the legal issues that business lawyers are facing are evolving as well. During the rest of 2009, you will see that the Business Law Section is co-sponsoring a number of programs reflecting this new reality. Watch for your ICLE and Section newsletters to highlight these upcoming events.


Section Events

  • April 2009—Law School Committee 2nd Annual Spring Fling (Ford Field)

  • April 2—Commercial Litigation Committee Meeting (Butzel Long)

  • April 22—Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability Conference (Plymouth)

  • May 8—Section Council Meeting (Grand Rapids)

  • May 8-9—21st Annual Business Law Institute (Grand Rapids)

  • May 20—Environmental Issues for Business Lawyers (Plymouth)

  • September 24—Business Law Section Annual Meeting (Novi Sheraton)

  • December 5—Section Council Meeting (Detroit)

Other Events

  • April 7—Straker Bar Ass'n Corporate Counsel Breakfast (Southfield)