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August 2010

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Chair's Letter from Tania E. (Dee Dee) Fuller

Earlier this year, the Business Law Section joined the 21st century and established a Facebook page. The page can be found at Business Law Section Facebook or you can get there by going to the Section's website and clicking on the Facebook button. This social networking and informational post page is a great tool for Section members to learn of Section events and programs while keeping in touch with other Michigan business lawyers.

As mentioned in the last e-Newsletter, and in the e-blast that was sent to Section members last week, the Business Law Section just recently has developed a new LinkedIn page. We plan to utilize LinkedIn as a tool for Section members. Our hope is that you will access the page to seek advice or guidance from other members of the Section when you come across new or different substantive law issues and you are seeking advice, or maybe just a second opinion. The hope is that others in the Section will view the postings and respond if they have familiarity with the issue or have a suggestion that might help the other lawyer.

Our LinkedIn page is not open to the public. Section members need to submit a request to join on the LinkedIn site before being granted access to the page. We intend to preclude the person on the street from obtaining free legal advice through the site. We hope this new medium will become a valuable source of information for all of us, particularly business lawyers in smaller firms where you might not have a go-to person in your office. To access the LinkedIn page, create a new account or login to your existing account. Alternatively, you can go to the Section's website and click on the LinkedIn button.

This new site will provide yet another reason why it is great to be a member of the Business Law Section!

Why Michigan?

One of our Section members, Doug Toering, has offered comments on why our clients should be in Michigan. While this information is not core legal analysis, clients remain a necessary ingredient of all law practices. We offer a selection of his comments for your consideration:

Research, Design, and Advanced Manufacturing. Michigan remains the worldwide center for automotive research, design, and advanced manufacturing. There's a reason why many of the best engineers and scientists in the world make their homes in Michigan.

Education. World class public universities and excellent private colleges, top-drawer graduate and professional schools (at public tuition), and the edge-of-the-art life sciences corridor help make life here pretty good.


Ever Progressing Technology

Some readers may have followed the recent news coverage on privacy default settings in Internet Explorer 8.0. It has been reported that although Microsoft considered implementing the default position in the new version of IE 8.0 to block common software devices used to track user browsing and activities, the final product defaults to permit blocking if activated each time the browser is opened.

Whether or not you like the result of this programming and marketing decision by Microsoft, the issue highlights the need for comprehensive business attorneys to be cognizant of the ever-changing intersection of law and technology. Do your clients know how to comply with mandatory privacy law provisions for their websites, depending on industry and jurisdiction? Do your clients have internal policies on how information obtained from website browsing is stored and used? Business law counselors may want actively engage clients on these issues in order to minimize potential liability.

Section Events

  • August 19—Regulation of Securities Committee Meeting (Dickinson Wright, Bloomfield Hills)

  • September 13—Commercial Litigation Committee Meeting (Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco)

  • September 23—Section Annual Meeting (Sheraton Detroit Novi)

  • November 8-9—Business Boot Camp 2-day seminar (Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids)

  • December 4—Council Meeting (Cooley Law School, Grand Rapids)

  • January 27-28—Business Boot Camp 2-day seminar (Inn at St. John's, Plymouth)