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February 2008

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Chair's Letter from Michael S. Khoury
The Business Law Section joins with all members of the State Bar of Michigan in mourning the passing of Kim Cahill, president of the State Bar of Michigan from 2006-2007, after a brief illness. Kim was not active in our Section, but supported the efforts of all sections in general and the focus on customer service to members that we see from all State Bar staff. Kim was a great lawyer who was known for her incredible wit. She will be missed.

Law Schools Committee
The Section recently established the Law Schools Committee designed to promote an interest in business law among students at each of the six law schools located in Michigan. The Committee will support programs initiated by the business law societies within the law schools, and provide a forum for networking among law students and members of the Section. If you are interested in participating in the Committee's activities, please contact Edwin Lukas.

Bankruptcy Appeals Rule Amendments Debated
The Debtor/Creditor Rights Committee has taken center stage in the national debate on the Proposed Amendments to Rule 8002 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. The Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules of the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States published for comment a proposal to amend Rule 8002 that will lengthen the time for appeals in bankruptcy cases. Our committee joined the national opposition to the change, and the SBM Board of Commissioners has authorized its delegate to the ABA House of Delegates to advocate that position in that venue. Kudos to the committee co-chairs, Judy Calton and Judy Miller.


Section Events

  • February 8 and 26—LLC and Business Entity Update

  • February 11—Alternatives to Bankruptcy Seminar

  • March 6—Section Council Meeting in Lansing

  • April 5—Law Schools Committee Meeting (UDM Law School)

  • April 10—Law Schools Committee Social Event for Business Law Students (Novi)

  • May 13—Debtor/Creditor Rights Committee meeting

  • June 13-14—Business Law Institute in Dearborn

Other Events

  • February 7—Examining the Michigan Business Tax: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

  • March 6-7—14th Annual Health Law Institute

  • March 17—2008 Intellectual Property Spring Seminar

  • April 10-12—ABA Business Law Section Spring Meeting in Dallas

  • May 28—Taxation Section Annual Tax Conference in Plymouth

  • September 17-19—State Bar of Michigan Annual Meeting