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2011-2012 Legislative Session

  • HB5128 Revised Judicature Act of 1961, Create a Business Court
  • SB0707 Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act

2009-2010 Legislative Session

  • HB5783 Jury Service for Students

2007-2008 Legislative Session

  • HB5356 Definitions of "Professional Service" and "Services in a Learned Profession"
  • HB5357 Revising the Definition of "Professional Services"
  • HB5358 Revising the Definition of "Professional Service" for Limited Liability Companies

2005-2006 Legislative Session

  • HB5315 Revises Obligations of Foreign Corporations in Mergers or Share Exchanges
  • HB5316 Makes Technical Amendments to Provision Providing for Dissolution by Court Judgment Relating to Business Corporations
  • HB5317 Requires Certain Amendments to Articles of Incorporation be Initiated by the Board of Directors
  • HB5318 Authorizes Creation of Subcommittees of Board Committees
  • HB5319 Clarifies that Abstaining from Voting is Not Considered a Vote
  • HB5320 Clarifies that Abstaining from Voting is Not Considered a Vote
  • HB5321 Allows Delivery of Single Copy of Notices and Other Communications to Shareholders who Share a Common Address
  • HB5322 Revises Effective Date of Documents Filed with Administrator
  • HB5323 Revises and Clarifies Definition of Willfully Unfair and Oppressive Conduct by Corporations

2003-2004 Legislative Session


More Information

    Eric I. Lark
    Kerr, Russell and Weber, PLC
    500 Woodward Ave., Suite 2500
    Detroit, MI 48226-5499
    Phone (313) 961-0200

Legislative Review Director

    The Business Law Section Legislative Review Director's function is to keep abreast of pending and newly enacted state and federal legislation that is of interest to business attorneys licensed in the State of Michigan. The Legislative Review Director receives and analyzes daily Michigan legislative reports on pertinent business issues, and discusses significant pending or newly enacted business legislation with section leadership. Lastly, the Legislative Review Director prepares reports on pending and newly enacted business legislation for presentation and discussion at all business law council meetings.




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