Virtual Court

The Michigan Supreme Court has expanded its virtual presence with online video of its oral arguments, administrative hearings, and administrative conferences. Video is recorded at the Hall of Justice (*see copyright information below), then posted on the State Bar's website, where it will remain for 12 months from the date of the argument, hearing, or conference.

May 2015 Michigan Supreme Court Proceedings

    May 5 Oral Arguments

    • Tyra v. Organ Procurement of Michigan and Furr v. McLeod MD
    • People v. Jackson
    • In re McCarthy, Minor

Previous Michigan Supreme Court Proceedings

Note: The entire month's proceedings can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted link. The video player and playlist will open in a new window.

April 2015

    April 7 Oral Arguments

    • Detroit Edison Co v. Department of Treasury
    • Helton v. Beamon
    • People v. Miller
    • People v. Trowbridge
    • Nash, PR v. Duncan Park Commission

    April 29 Oral Arguments

    • Estate of Beals v. State of Michigan

March 2015

    March 10 Oral Arguments

    • Aroma Wines & Equipment v. Columbian Distribution Services
    • People v. Smith
    • Epps v. 4 Quarters Restoration
    • In re ARS, Minor
    • Latham v. Barton Malow Co.
    • People v. Ackley

    March 11 Oral Arguments

    • People v. Cain
    • Michigan Association of Home Builders v. City of Troy
    • People v. Stevens
    • Rodriguez v. FedEx Freight East

January 2015

    January 13 Oral Arguments

    • International Union v. Green
    • Michigan Coalition of State Employee Unions v. Michigan
    • People v. Smart
    • People v. Smith
    • Krusac v. Covenant Medical Center

    January 15 Oral Arguments

    • People v. Hartwick
    • People v. Tuttle
    • People v. Mazur
    • People v. Lockridge
    • Fraser Trebilcock v. Boyce Trust

October 2014

    October 7 Oral Arguments

    • Sal-Mar Royal Village v. Macomb County Treasurer
    • Note: Due to technical difficulties, oral arguments for Service Source Inc. v. DHL Express Inc. and People v. Overton are not available.

    October 8 Oral Arguments

    • Hannay v. Department of Transportation
    • Hunter v. Sisco
    • People v. Nelson
    • Wayne Co. Employee Retirement System v. Wayne County
    • Speicher v. Columbia Twp Board of Trustees

    October 9 Oral Arguments

    • Adair v. Department of Education
    • AFT Michigan v. State of Michigan
    • People v. Jones

    October 22 Oral Arguments

    • People v. Borom

September 2014

    September 25 Public Hearing

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