May 2, 2004 - May 8, 2004
Volume 2 Issue 19

In the Capitol
Committee meetings of interest for the week of 5/9.

5/11/04 House Judiciary
Agenda: SB 998 Establish drug treatment courts; SB 999 Restrict eligibility for probation and dismissal of charges for drug treatment court participants; SB 1000 Coordinate eligibility for youthful trainee program with drug treatment courts; HB 5647 Include participation in drug treatment court in conditions of probation; HB 5674 Include references to drug treatment courts in sentencing procedures; HB 5716 Allow commitment of juvenile to drug treatment court.
SBM POSITION: Support in Principle SB 998, SB 999, SB 1000, HB 5647, HB 5674 and HB 5716. The State Bar of Michigan supports the institutionalization and availability of drug treatment courts.

5/11/04 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: HB 4983 Provide for licensure of immigration clerical assistants; HB 4984 Enact sentencing guidelines for certain violations of the Michigan immigration clerical assistant act; HB 5105 Provide for general revisions to certain robbery statutes; HB 5347 Prohibit and prescribe penalties for operation of audiovisual recording function of a device in motion picture exhibition facilities; HB 5336  Enact sentencing guidelines for crime of audio visual recording in a motion picture facility; SB 151 Allow surety bonds for proportion of full bail amount.
Testimony & Discussion On: The Michigan Public Safety Communications System and the impact of Executive Directives 2003-12 and 2003-13 on shared local use of the radio towers.
SBM POSITION: Support in Principle HB 4983. The State Bar has long recognized that the prevalence of unauthorized practice of law activities that victimize immigrant populations.

5/12/04 House Criminal Justice
Agenda (For testimony only):  SB 220 Prohibit expiration date and full account number from being printed on credit card receipt; SB 657 Prohibit requirement for disclosure of social security number to purchase or obtain certain goods or services of a retailer; SB 792 Create identity theft protection act; SB 793 Clarify crime of obtaining personal identity information of another with intent to unlawfully use the information; SB 794 Allow victim of identity theft to obtain certificate as proof of theft from prosecuting attorney or attorney general; SB 795 Establish and provide penalties and remedies for social security number privacy act; SB 797 Establish sentencing guidelines for crimes of identity theft; SB 798 Prohibit denial of credit to identity theft victims; SB 803 Provide for tolling of statute of limitations in certain cases of identity theft.

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Capitol Agenda
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(Detroit News, 5/8/04)

Legislation Introduced 5/4 – 5/6
HB 5846 Criminal procedure; prosecuting attorneys; notification period to surety for defendant's failure to appear; extend to 14 days.

HB 5848 Torts; immunity; "Good Samaritan" law; expand to apply to any health care professional providing voluntary, nonemergency services.

HB 5859 Liens; mortgages; provisions relating to foreclosure by advertisement of mortgages that have been assigned; revise.

SB 1182 Retirement; legislative; certain update for federal requirements; provide for.

In the Hall of Justice
Sexual Harassment Claim Against Detroit Board of Education to be Heard by Michigan Supreme Court
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(, 5/5/04)

State Judiciary's 2003 Annual Report Released by Michigan Supreme Court; Court Activities and Statistics are Features
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(, 5/7/04)

Other Actions
2003-36 - Supreme Court Appointments to the Child Support Leadership Council
Issued: May 5, 2004

At the Bar
"Golden Celebration" to Honor 50-Year State Bar Members

State Bar Offers Scholarships to Help Small Practitioners

Foundation Awards Over $68,000 in Grants to Charitable Projects

New Resources Available to Lawyers Preparing 990-PF Forms

Sections and Committees
The Elder Law and Advocacy Section submitted a public policy report stating its opposition to SB 1063, the FY 2004-05 Community Health Budget.

Federal News
New York State Bar Association Victorious in Suit Against FTC
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(New York State Bar Association, 5/3/04)

Court Rulings on Emissions Sharply Split Two Groups
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(New York Times, 5/4/04)

High Court to Hear County Cases
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(Saginaw News
, 5/6/04)

State News
Michigan Tries to Save Visitation Rights
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(Detroit News, 5/4/04)

Michigan PAC Chests Up Sharply this Year
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(Lansing State Journal
, 5/5/04)

High Court to Hear County Cases
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(Saginaw News, 5/6/04)

Michigan Buys Upgraded Election Equipment
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(Detroit News, 5/7/04)


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