October 5 - October 11, 2003
Volume 1 Issue 6

In the Capitol

Committee Meetings of interest for the week of 10/12.

10/14/03 House Judiciary

HB 4455
Provide excuse from (jury) service for persons who have sole responsibility of children under the age of 6; HB 5129 Revise procedures for selecting persons for jury service.

10/14 Senate Judiciary
SB 648 Require inspection for contamination of sites of clandestine labs for illegal drug manufacturing; SB 649 Increase penalties for possessing equipment for manufacturing methamphetamine; SB 650 Prohibit possession of certain amounts of pseudoephedrine; SB 651 Enacts sentencing guidelines for crime of possessing more than 10 grams of pseudoephedrine; SB 652 Establish as a felony transporting anhydrous ammonia in nonapproved container; SB 698 Include in sentencing guidelines penalties for possessing equipment for manufacturing methamphetamine; SB 637 Clarify and modify penalties (for minors) definition of possession as presence of alcohol in the body; pending referral SB 777.

10/15 House Criminal Justice
Agenda Items: For Testimony Only - HB 4920 Revises sex offender registration requirements for certain juvenile offenders.

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In the Hall of Justice
Court Fees See Increase; Preserving Public Services is Goal
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Justice Elizabeth Weaver Reappointed to Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice
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See Editorials & Letters:
Let Clients Decide Length of Appeals Process (last item on the page)
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APPEALS COURT: Efficiency Improves; Rule Change Can Help Even More
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(Detroit Free Press, 10/08/03)
Delays: State's High Court Can Help Break Appellate Logjam
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At the Bar
Granholm is Featured Speaker at Past President's Dinner to Benefit Access to Justice

Sections & Committees
Reed to Receive Hensel Award from the Arts, Communication, Entertainment and Sports Section

The Social Security Section Requests Support from the State Bar on HB 4706 "Medical Records Access Act."
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Federal News
Court Nixes DNA Testing
View Full Text(CBS News, 10/02/03)

The Supreme Court Began its Fall Term on Monday, October 6. 
See Articles:
Obscure and Notable Cases Await Justices

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Court to Weigh Individuals Rights in New Session
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New Supreme Court Term Starts with Rejections
View Full Text(CNN.com, 10/09/03)

    Court Rules and Administrative Orders

    Rule Amendments:

    2002-52 - Amendment of Rule 15 of the Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan
    Issued: October 8, 2003
    Effective: October 8, 2003
    Rule 15: Admission to the Bar - The rule amendment specifies the amount of time an unsuccessful candidate must wait before re-application.

    Proposed Rule Amendments:
    2003-50 - Proposed Amendment of Rules 3.915, 3.965, 3.976 and 3.977 of the Michigan Court Rules
    Issued: October 10, 2003
    Comment period expires: January 1, 2004
    Public Hearing: Tentatively scheduled for January 29, 2004
    The Adoption Work Group, formed by the Supreme Court in cooperation with the Family Independence Agency, recommended the proposed rule amendments.  The Group studied a range of issues relating to procedural obstacles to adoption in child-protective proceedings and how to rectify them.

    2003-30 - Proposed Amendment of Rules 2.112, 2.118 and 2.401 of the Michigan Court Rules
    Issued: October 8, 2003
    Comment period expires: January 1, 2004
    Public Hearing: Tentatively scheduled for January 29, 2004
    The Proposal comes from the Representative Assembly of the State Bar of Michigan.  It would require prompt challenges of notices of intent to sue and affidavits of merit and meritorious defense in medical malpractice cases and prompt challenges of expert-witness qualifications in all cases.

    Legislation Introduced 10/7 - 10/9

    Legislation introduced that is relevant to areas of practice is now published in the e-Journal and can also be found at the State Bar of Michigan's Public Policy Resource Center.
    Legislation listed here applies to the general practice of law.

    HB 5129 Courts; juries; procedures for selecting persons for jury service; revise.

    HB 5142 Children; parenting time; grandparenting time; revise to require grandparent to sustain burden of proof and clarify best interests of the child.

    SB 767 Children; parenting time; grandparenting time; expand and clarify right to bring action.


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