November 9- November 15, 2003
Volume 1 Issue 11

In the Capitol
Both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives are in recess until Tuesday, December 2, 2003.

In the Hall of Justice
First Michigan "Adoption Day" will be Nov. 25— Theme is "Giving Thanks for Families"
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(Michigan Supreme Court, 11/10/03)

At the Bar
The Board of Commissioners will be meeting Friday, November 21 at 9:30 a.m. at the State

REMINDER: Dues payment deadline is November 30, 2003.

Representative Assembly Completes Recommendations on Ethics Rules
At its meeting on November 14, the Representative Assembly completed its review and debate of the proposed new ethics rules for Michigan lawyers.  The rules reviewed by the Representative Assembly were proposed by the Standing Committee on Professional Ethics, after the committee completed its two-year review of the ABA's new Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  The proposed rules, as amended by the Representative Assembly, will now be presented to the Michigan Supreme Court for consideration.

2004 Judicial Elections Seminar
The State Bar of Michigan will be holding a seminar on the laws, ethics rules and the new campaign finance laws affecting judicial campaigns.  Its purpose will be to educate judicial candidates for the 2004 judicial elections.

Sections and Committees
The Council of the Real Property Law Section approved a policy position opposing HB 4608.

    State News
    New Ottawa County Judge will Ease Court Overload, Official Says
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    (Grand Rapids Press, 11/14/03)

    Court Rules and Administrative Orders

    Proposed Amendments
    2000-29 - Proposed Amendment of Rules 7.202, 7.204, 7.205 and 7.212 of the MCR
    Issued: November 14, 2003
    Comment period expires: February 1, 2004
    Public Hearing: Tentative scheduled for January 29, 2004
    The amendments clarify "date of entry" to provide appellate parties the means of timely appealing orders and judgments either as soon as they are signed or within the required period after data entry have been accomplished.

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