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Section Services

Listserv, Site Improvements, and Changes

    To be added to the section's Listserv for the distribution of the online case notes, notice of section and committee activities, discussion of current topics of interest to section members, and suggestions for site improvements and changes, please e-mail the chair of the Technology Committee, Scott Watson.

  • Listserv Information—Includes instructions for subscribing to a list, sending a list message, changing your subscribed e-mail address, and unsubscribing.

Section Members' Law Firms

Environmental Law Speakers List

Speakers' contact information may be listed in the Member Directory.

Speaker Air Water Issues Brown-fields BEA Waste Issues Wet Lands Other
Frank L. Andrews     X X X   Environmental insurance
Charles E. Barbieri   X X X X   Litigation
Kurt M. Brauer X X X X   X Lending/secured party
John V. Byl X   X X      
Christopher M. Bzdok   X       X Citizen suits
Michael L. Caldwell   X X X   X  
Ernest P. Chiodo X           Environmental health
Charles M. Denton   X X   X   NRD, toxic torts
Todd R. Dickinson              
Dennis J. Donohue   X   X     Sediment remediation
Christopher J. Dunsky              
Matthew B. Eugster     X X X    
Todd Fracassi   X X X      
Kenneth C. Gold   X X X   X Environmental auditing
Beth S. Gotthelf X X X X X X Alternative energy
Jeffery K. Haynes   X     X   Litigation, MEPA
Peter D. Holmes             Sarbanes Oxley
Scott D. Hubbard   X     X   Septage
Steven H. Huff X            
S. Lee Johnson X X   X      
Kurt A. Kissling             TSCA/nanotechnology
Timothy J. Lozen       X X   Drain law
Anna M. Maiuri X   X X   X Transactions
Donna K. Mallonee              
Kirk Meadows     X       Mining law
Sharon R. Newlon     X X   X Water withdrawal issues
James K. O’Brien     X X X X Business transactions
Dustin P. Ordway   X X X `X X Environmental litigation
Patricia Paruch     X X      
Thomas C. Phillips              
Joseph E. Quandt X X X X   X  
Brian J. Renaud     X X   X  
Michael L. Robinson              
John L. Tatum         X   ADR/Superfund
Susan L. Hlywa Topp   X   X   X Natural resource law
Charles R. Toy           X Criminal enforcement
Grant R. Trigger     X X     Landfill redevelopment
Thomas P. Wilczak              

Section Members Who Provide Mediation Services

    The following Section members are listed on a Michigan panel of mediators (State Circuit Court and/or United States District Court, WDMI). Contact information may be found in the Member Directory.

    Joseph C. Basta
    Frederick D. Dilley
    Charles M. Denton
    Mike Figliomeni
    Richard J. Figura
    Dodd B. Fisher
    Robert H. Gillette
    James M. Olson
    Dustin P. Ordway
    Joseph E. Quandt
    Michael V. Sucaet
    John L. Tatum
    Susan L. Hlywa Topp



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