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Justice Initiatives Committee


    Develop and recommend proposals for the effective delivery of high quality legal services in Michigan, equal and fair to all. This committee consists of several initiatives whose activities include

  • Analyzing and making recommendations for positions on proposed legislation, court rules, and other policies relevant to the committee's jurisdiction.
  • Developing policies and programs to benefit underserved populations, including juveniles and those with special needs.
  • Encouraging and coordinating free or discounted civil legal services.
  • Working to increase r.esources for civil legal aid programs.
  • Examining collateral civil consequences of criminal convictions and issues of adequate representation in the criminal justice system
  • Note: This committee may have more than 15 members

  • 2012-2013 Committee List PDF
  • Organizational Chart PDF

Initiative Rosters

Public Policy Reports

All reports are in PDF format.

2009-2010 Legislative Session

  • HB5468 Electronic Signature
  • HB5518 Eviction Summons
  • HB5995 Destruction of Juvenile Fingerprint Records
  • SB0960 Notaries Public

2007-2008 Legislative Session

  • HB4406 English as Official State Language
  • HB4501 Increase Costs and Fees
  • HB4525 Corrections Identification Card
  • HB4753 Correction of Inaccurate Items in Consumer Credit Reports
  • HB4755 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB4859 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB4931 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB4932 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB4933 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB4934 Expansion of Juror Pools
  • HB5213 Record Expungement for Certain Offenders
  • HB5534 Forged Deeds

2005-2006 Legislative Session

  • HB4006 Creates Act Establishing Bad Check Program
  • HB4160 Revises Limitation on Recovery Amount Allowed in Small Claims Suits
  • HB4629 Requires Payment of Prosecution Costs in Certain Circumstances
  • HB4732 Allows Property Managers and Other Non-Lawyers to Represent Certain Businesses in Eviction Proceedings
  • HB4796 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • HB4797 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • HB4799 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • HB4800 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • HB4851 Revises Age Under Which Court has Jurisdiction
  • HB5337 Provides for Waiver from "Administrative Hearings" While Deployed or Serving on Active Duty
  • HB5625 Allows Real Estate Agents to Represent Landlords in Small Claims Court in Security Deposit Disputes Under Certain Circumstances
  • SB0060 Adds Incapacitated Parent as Basis for Custody Action by Third Person
  • SB0113 Revises Jury Service and Provides for Lengthy Trial Fund
  • SB0542 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • SB0543 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • SB0544 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • SB0545 Eliminates Right to Preliminary Exam for Certain Crimes
  • SB0815 Allows Property Managers and Other Nonlawyers to Represent Businesses in Certain Eviction Proceedings

Annual Reports



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