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Labor & Employment Resources

Labor and employment issues pose many challenges for the practitioner, particularly the nonspecialist. In connection with the Labor and Employment issue, the Libraries, Legal Research and Publications Committee has collected the following lists (which do not purport to be exhaustive) of major primary and secondary authorities and on-line and Internet resources to assist the practitioner faced with a labor or employment matter.

Michigan-Specific Resources

    Henry Earle, Employment in Michigan: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices (Michie 1994)

    Employment Law in Michigan: An Employer's Guide (Martha B. Goodloe, ICLE 1997)

    MERC Labor Opinions (Opinions Press)

    Michigan Employment Law (Lawyers Cooperative Publ'g Co., 1992)

    Michigan Public Employee Reporter (LRP Publications)

    Michigan Wrongful Discharge and Employment Discrimination Law (Barbara Ruga, ICLE 1994)

    Sexual Harassment Law and Practice: A Michigan Practitioner's Guide (Deborah Gordon and Daniel Kopka, ICLE 1995)

General Resources and Looseleaf Services

    Bureau of National Affairs's Labor Relations Reporter (covers topics from ADA to wage and hour cases; weekly newsletter)

    Commerce Clearing House's Labor Relations Reporter (includes weekly newsletter)

    Employment Coordinator (Clark Boardman Callaghan 1984; includes biweekly newsletter)

    Employment Law Library (CD-ROM; Matthew Bender; includes publications ranging from ADA to wages and hours)

Employment Discrimination

    Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations (Matthew Bender, 1992)

    Americans with Disabilities Lawdesk (CD-ROM; West Group; includes statutes with case annotations, regulations, case reporter, and text)

    Robert Borgsdorf, Disability Discrimination in Employment Law (BNA, 1995)

    James G. Frierson, Employer's Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act (2nd ed., BNA, 1995)

    Lex K. Larson, Employment Discrimination (2nd ed., Matthew Bender, 1994)

    Barbara Lindemann and Paul Grossman, Employment Discrimination Law (3rd ed., ABA/BNA, 1996)

    Maureen Moore, ADA Compliance Manual for Lawyers (Michie 1997)

Sexual Harassment

    Alba Conte, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law and Practice (Wiley Law Publications 1994)

    Barbara Lindemann and David D. Kadue, Sexual Harassment in Employment Law (BNA 1992)

    Litigating the Sexual Harassment Case: A Guide for Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys (Juanita B. Luis, ed, ABA 1994)

    Sexual Harassment Law and Practice: A Michigan Practitioner's Guide (Deborah Gordon and Daniel Kopka, eds, ICLE 1995)

Unionization and Collective Bargaining

    The Developing Labor Law (ABA/BNA 3d ed 1992)

    Theophil C. Kammholz and Stanley R. Strauss, Practice and Procedure Before the National Labor Relations Board (ALI-ABA 4th ed 1987)

    Kenneth J. McCulloch, Termination of Employment: Employer and Employee Rights (Warren Gorham Lamont 1992)

    Lee Modjeska and Abigail Cooley Modjeska, Federal Labor Law: NLRB Practice (Clark Boardman Callaghan 1994)

    Jeffrey A. Norris and Michael J. Shershin, Jr., How to Take a Case Before the NLRB (6th ed 1992)

    Resource Materials: Labor and Employment Law (Peter M. Parken, ed, ALI-ABA 6th ed 1991)

Case Reporters

    Americans with Disabilities Cases (federal and state courts)(BNA)

    Employment Practices Decisions (CCH)

    Fair Employment Practices Cases (federal and state courts)(BNA)

    Individual Employment Rights Cases (federal and state courts)(BNA)

    Labor Arbitration Awards (CCH)

    Labor Arbitration Reports: Dispute Settlements (BNA)

    Labor Cases (federal and state courts)(CCH)

    Labor Relations Reference Manual (NLRB and court decisions)(BNA)

    National Public Employment Reporter (CCH)

    NLRB Decisions (CCH)

Online Services

    Lexis and Westlaw each have specialized labor and employment databases that include federal statutes and regulations, federal and state case law and administrative decisions, and numerous other secondary sources.

Internet Resources



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