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Best Probate and Estate Planning Resources

Probate and estate planning issues often are complicated and time-consuming to research. In connection with the Probate and Estate Planning theme issue, the Libraries, Legal Research and Publications Committee has collected the following primary and secondary authorities and Internet resources to assist practitioners handling a probate or estate planning matter.

Michigan-Specific Resources

    Annual Probate Seminar CD-Rom (ICLE 1998)

    Capsoft Michigan SCAO Probate Forms

    Lynn Chard and Anna Headly, eds., Michigan Probate Sourcebook (2nd ed)(ICLE 1991 and supps)(compilation of text of Michigan's probate-related statutes, court rules, and SCAO forms)

    George Cooney and David Shaltz, eds., Advising the Older Client (ICLE 1998)

    George Cooney, Jr. and Harold Draper, Probate Administration in Michigan: A Systems Approach (ICLE 1994 and supps)

    Leonard Edelman, Michigan Probate: A Practice Systems Library Manual (West Group 1981 and supps)

    Joe Foster, Jr., and Everett Zack, Independent Probate Administration in Michigan (3rd ed)(ICLE 1995)

    Frederick K. Hoops, Planning for Estates and Administration in Michigan (West Group 1983 and supps)

    Michael Irish and John Harvey Martin, Michigan Will Drafting (ICLE 1988 and supps)

    Joyce Lower and Henry M. Grix, Michigan Estate Planning, Will Drafting and Estate Administration Forms (Lexis Law Publishing 1989 and supps)

    Katherine Martin, Counseling the Elderly Client in Michigan (West Group 1991)

    Michigan Probate and Estate Planning Journal (published quarterly by the Probate and Estate Planning Section)

    Michigan Probate Law Pamphlet  (West Group 1996 and supps)

    Richard Lowe and George Bearup, Michigan Revocable Grantor Trusts (ICLE 1991 and supps)

    Patricia Gormely Prince and Carol Karr, Taxation of Estates and Trusts: A Michigan Practitioner's Guide to Post-Death Administration (ICLE 1994)

    Gerald Supina and Kay Holsinger, eds., Michigan Probate Litigation: A Guide to Contested Matters (ICLE 1998)

General Resources

    Dwight Bickel, Living Trusts: Forms and Practice (Matthew Bender 1993 and supps)

    William Brown, Estate Planning: A Practical Guide (West Group 1991 and supps)

    William Brown, Trusts (West Group 1996 and supps)

    Natalie Choate, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits (2nd ed)(1996 and supps)

    David English and Rebecca Morgan, Tax, Estate, and Financial Planning for the Elderly (Matthew Bender 1985 and supps), with companion volume, David English, Michael Gilfix, and Rebecca Morgan, Tax, Estate, and Financial Planning for the Elderly: Forms and Practice (Matthew Bender 1991 and supps)

    Estate Planning and Taxation Coordinator (RIA)

    Estate Planning Package (CD-ROM)(Matthew Bender; includes seven publications dealing with estate planning

    Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reports (CCH)

    M. Carr Ferguson, Federal Income Taxation of Estates, Trusts, and Beneficiaries(3rd ed)(Aspen Law and Business 1998)

    Ernest Fiore, et al, eds., Modern Estate Planning (Matthew Bender 1993)

    Jonathan Forster and Gregory Rupert, Handling Federal Estate and Gift Taxes (5th ed)(West Group)

    T. Randolph Harris, ed., Modern Estate Planning (Matthew Bender 1981 and supps)

    Frederick K. Hoops and Frederick H. Hoops III, Family Estate Planning Guide (4th ed)(West Group 1995 and supps)

    Lawrence Keller, Wills (West Group 1992 and supps)

    Donald Kelley, David Ludtke, and Burnell Steinmeyer, Jr., Estate and Entity Planning: Family Business Organizations (2nd ed) (West Group 1996 and supps)

    Sidney Kess et al., Financial and Estate Planning (CCH 1994 and supps)

    Louis A. Mezzullo and Mark Woolpert, Advising the Elderly Client (West Group 1992 and supps)

    Walter Nossaman and Joseph Wyatt, Jr., Trust Administration and Taxation (Matthew Bender 1946 and supps)

    Eunice Ross and Thomas Reed, Will Contests (West Group 1992 and supps)

    P. Strauss et al., Aging and the Law (CCH 1990 and supps)

    Tax and Estate Planning Library (CD-ROM) (Matthew Bender; includes many publications dealing with tax planning)

    Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Portfolio Series (BNA)

    George Turner, Irrevocable Trusts (3d ed) (West Group 1996 and supps)

    George Turner, Revocable Trusts (3d ed) (West Group 1995 and supps)

    Harold Weinstock, Planning an Estate: A Guidebook of Principles and Techniques (4th ed)(West Group 1995 and supps)

    David Westfall, Estate Planning Law and Taxation (Warren, Gorham & Lamont 1994 and supps)

    Robert Wilkins, Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements (West Group 1995 and supps)

Online Services

    Lexis and Westlaw each have specialized probate and estate planning databases that contain federal statutes and regulations, federal and state case law, and numerous secondary authorities.



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