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Plain Language Columns in Michigan Bar Journal


    1. May—Ulrich, Plain English in Judicial Administration

    2. July—Joslyn, Use of Plain English in Drafting Wills and Trusts

    3. August—Harbour, Plain English in Workers' Compensation

    4. September—Bienenfeld, Plain English in Administrative Law

    5. October—Gale, Corporate Plain English

    6. November—Aslanian-Bedikian, Clear Expression in Labor Arbitration


    7. January—Harwood, Plain English in Real Property Law

    8. February—Freeman, Plain English in Environmental Law

    9. March—Weihofen, For Emphasis, Emphasize Verbs

    10. May—Meitin, Simplification of Commercial Contracts in the Insurance Industry

    11. June—Dickerson, Plain English Statutes and Readability

    12. July—Dickerson, Specifications for a Plain English Statute

    13. October—Barr, Legalese and the Myth of Case Precedent

    14. November—Hathaway, The Plain English Movement in the Law

    15. December—Vlasic, Plain English in Personal Property Leasing


    16. January—Edgerton, After Seven Centuries, the True Meaning of SS

    17. February—Kasischke, Business Agreements in Letter Form

    18. March—Edgerton, Warning—Legal-Size Paper May Transmit AILS

    19. May—Edgerton, Plain English Means Never Having to Say Hereby

    20. June—Kimble, Protecting Your Writing from Law School

    21. July—Edgerton, Once Each Time Is Not Enough

    22. August—Plain English Committee, Plain English in Michigan Insurance Policies

    23. September—Edgerton, There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere

    24. October—Gluckman, Plain English in Amateur Sporting-Activity Waivers

    25. November—Edgerton, The Ten Commandments of How to Not Write in Plain English

    26. December—Hathaway, Michigan Court Forms for Service and Proof of Service


    27. January—Righter, In Defense of Legalese

    28. February—Ryan, Michigan Court Forms: The Divorce Package

    29. March—Edgerton, In Disgust of Legalese

    30. May—Clarke, Project ELF

    31. June—Conley, Michigan Court Forms: A Topical Index

    32. July—Edgerton, Let's Bring Legalese Lovers Out of the Closet

    33. August—Haggerty, Of Bards, Beguilers, and Barristers: Misused and Incorrect Words and Phrases in Legal Writings

    34. September—Kimble, Protecting Your Writing from Law Practice

    35. October—Harrington, Survey: Plain English Wins Every Which Way

    36. November—Haggerty, Excessive, Turgid, and Redundant Tautology


    37. January—Cumming, Estate Planning Documents Clients Can Understand

    38. February—Davis, New Forms for Certification of Supreme Court Orders

    39. March—Rivinus, Esquire Does Not Mean Lawyer

    40. June—Younger, In Praise of Simplicity

    41. July—Bruno, Whither Whereas—The Legal Implications of Recitals

    42. August—Garner, Finding the Right Words

    43. September—Haggerty, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Move to Simplify

    44. October—Morris, Mind Your Speech a Little . . .

    45. December—Kimble, Why We Need a Plain English Law


    46. January—Child, Stipulative Definitions: A Useful Drafting Tool

    47. February—Wing, Where's the Verb?

    48. March—Benson, Plain English Comes to Court

    49. June—Hathaway, The Search for the Sentence "Too Complex for Plain English"

    50. July—Christie, Getting Normal: The Move to Letter-Size Paper

    51. September—Martin, Plain English in Michigan Bankers Association Forms

    52. October—Good, Plain English in Consumer Credit Contracts

    53. November—Spodarek, Software Programs for Legal Writers

    54. December—Hathaway, Results of the "Too Complex for Plain English" Search


    55. January—Kilgore, Plain Language in Apartment Leases

    56. February—Hodess, Plain English in Title Insurance Policies

    57. March—Walsh, Letter-Size Paper vs. Legal-Size Paper

    58. May—Kimble, Strike Three for Legalese

    59. June—Hathaway, The Search for Legalese "Required by Case Precedent"

    60. July—Hathaway, A Plain English Movement in Medicine

    61. August—Stark, Power Pleading—Complain, Don't Whimper

    62. September—Mathewson, In-House Editors: Letting the Experts Do It

    63. October—Garner, Excerpts from a Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage

    64. November—Child, The Art of Legal Drafting

    65. December—Hathaway, The Search for Legalese "Required by Statute"


    66. January—Wing, Good Grief! The Court Needs a Brief (And Where Do I Begin?) (Part One)

    67. February—Wing, Good Grief! The Court Needs a Brief (Part Two)

    68. March—Hathaway, Plain English Acknowledgment Forms

    69. June—Elliott, A Global Perspective

    70. July—Sharp, Do You Please the Court? (Part One)

    71. August—Sharp, Do You Please the Court? (Part Two)

    72. September—Garner, An Excerpt from The Elements of Legal Style: Rooting Out Sexism

    73. October—Elder, Any and All: To Use Or Not To Use?

    74. November—McIntyre, Plain English in Bankruptcy-Fee Orders

    75. December—Hathaway, Plain English in Residential Real Estate Listing Contracts


    76. January—Williams, An Excerpt from Style: Toward Clarity and Grace (Part One)

    77. February—Williams, An Excerpt from Style: Toward Clarity and Grace (Part Two)

    78. March—Weisberg, An Excerpt from When Lawyers Write

    79. May—Plain English Committee, The Clarity Award

    80. June—Hathaway, Results of the Search for Legalese "Required by Statute," and the Conclusion of the Three Searches

    81. July—Miller, The Odd Way We Instruct Jurors to Decide Civil Cases: A Study in Overprecision

    82. August—Barry, Constructing a Narrative in Courtroom Testimony

    83. September—Hathaway, A Review of Mellinkoff's Dictionary of American Legal Usage

    84. October—Kimble, Plain English: A Charter for Clear Writing (Part One)

    85. November—Kimble, Plain English: A Charter for Clear Writing (Part Two)

    86. December—Kimble, Plain English: A Charter for Clear Writing (Part Three)


    87. January—Plain English Committee, Plain English Committee Agenda for 1992-1993

    88. February—Clyde, Keeping it Simple: A Law-Firm Marketing Opportunity

    89. March—Hathaway, Plain English in Lawsuit Papers

    90. June—Hathaway, Plain English in Laws and Rules

    91. July—Plain English Committee, Clarity Awards for 1993

    92. August—Butt, Plain Language "Down Under"—Throwing Legalese on the Barbie

    93. September—Plain English Committee, Summary of Laws, Rules, and Lawsuit Papers (Part One)

    94. October—Plain English Committee, Summary of Laws, Rules, and Lawsuit Papers (Part Two)

    95. November—Larsen, In-House Editor

    96. December—Hathaway, Plain English in Real Estate Papers

"Plain Language" is a regular feature of the Michigan Bar Journal, edited by Joseph Kimble for the State Bar's Plain English Committee. The assistant editor is George Hathaway, chair of the Committee. The Committee seeks to improve the clarity of legal writing and the public opinion of lawyers by eliminating legalese. Want to contribute a plain English article? Contact Prof. Kimble at Thomas Cooley Law School, P.O. Box 13038, Lansing, MI 48901. For information about the Plain English Committee, see our website. George Hathaway is a senior real estate attorney at the Detroit Edison Company and chair of the Plain English Committee of the State Bar of Michigan.



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