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Health Law Index

Selected Michigan Health Care Regulations, Attorney General Opinions, and Certificate of Need Standards

Current through December 31, 2012

This is a web-based index of selected regulations from the Michigan Administrative Code, Michigan attorney general opinions, and Michigan certificate of need standards relevant to health care. The index is designed to expedite research and serve as a convenient aid to persons interested in Michigan health law issues. Because of the breadth of Michigan regulations relevant to health care, it was necessary to exercise discretion in selecting regulations to include. If you have any questions or suggestions on the content of the index, we would welcome and encourage you to contact the current Chair of the HCLS Council who will forward your comments to the person in charge of the website. The Chair's website appears on the HCLS website under "counsel."

Note on links: Links within the Health Law Index are under construction. Currently, the Michigan Administrative Code is available online.

Notes on use: The index is organized by topic. The main topic titles are in bold. There are green links, which are active links that connect to the website where the relevant rule, attorney general opinion, or certificate of need standard is located. Links cannot currently be provided to individual rule sections. To facilitate research, the titles of selected rule sections appear below the sub-topic titles with plus signs next to them.


 Abortion, Stillbirth, or Fetal Death
 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndroms (AIDS)
 Adult Foster Care
 Adult Foster Care Homes Fire Safety Requirements
 Alcohol Testing
 Anatomical Gifts 325.951-.955
 Athletic Training
 Attorney General Opinions, selected
 Audiologist 338.1-.12
 Autistic Impaired
 Birth Defects
 Brain Injury Reporting
 Certificate of Need (CON)
 Charitable Trusts 14.11-.17
 Child Immunizations 325.161-.169; 325.176
 Chiropractic 338.12001-.12015
 Chronic Diseases
 Clinical Laboratories
 Complaints Against State Regulated Providers or Entities 325.1213-.1217
 Communicable Diseases
 Continuing Education
 Controlled Substances
 Counseling 338.1751-.1756
 County Infirmaries
 Dead Bodies
 Dental Assistants ORR Admincode
 Dental Hygienists
 Dentistry 338.11101-.11705
 Developmental Disability
     Disaster Plan and Emergency Procedures 330.1255
 Disciplinary Proceedings
 DNA Profiling System 28.5051-.5059
 Education and Training
 Emergency Medical Services Organizations 325.22101-.22217
 Emergency Medical Services Personnel 325.22301-.22363
 Family Planning 325.151-.156
 Family Support Subsidy Program 330.1601-.1656
 Fire Safety 29.1801-.1871
 Forensic Examinations 330.10055-.10079
 Freestanding Facilities
 Health Code Boards
 Health Departments
 Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) 325.6101-.6960
 Hearing Screening and Tests (children) 325.3271-.3276
 Home Help Services for Adults; Payments 400.1101-.1107
 Homes for the Aged 325.1901-.1981
 Hospice 325.13101-.13543
 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
 Immunizations (Children)
 Licensure, Registration or Certification
 Long Term Care Facilities, Enforcement
 Massage Therapy
 Medical Assistance Programs
 Medical Records
 Medical Services Administration
 Medical Waste Producing Facilities 325.1541-.1549
 Medicine, Michigan Board of 338.2301-.2382
 Mental Health
 Mental Hospitals
 MIOSHA Safety and Health Standards
 Nursing 338.10101-.10705
 Nursing Care Facilities 325.20101-.22004
 Nursing Homes ORR Admincode
 Nursing Home Administrators 339.14001-.14035
 Occupational Boards
 Occupational Health Standards
 Occupational Safety and Health
 Occupational Therapy (OT)
 Operational Issues
 Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery
 Outpatient Facilities
 Patient Rights
 Physical Therapy
 Physicians' Assistants
 Program Match Requirements, Mental Health and Substance Abuse 325.4151-.4156
 Radiation and Radiation Safety
 Respiratory Therapist 338.2201-.2207
 Rights of Service Recipients
 Rights of Applicants
 Screening and Testing
 Services to the Aging
 Social Services
 Social Work
 Soliciting Agencies 400.241-.245a
 Spinal Cord Injury Reporting
 Substance Abuse
 Unclaimed Bodies
 Venereal Disease
 Vision Screening and Testing 325.13091-.13096
 Vital Records
 Workers' Compensation Health Care Services Rules 418.10101-.101504


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