The Uniform Commercial Code


October 2014, Volume 93, No. 10

We Live in Interesting Times
by Thomas C. Rombach

Indemnification: Banish the Word! -- And Rebuild Your Indemnity Clause from Scratch
by Jeffrey S. Ammon

Land Mine: Hidden Stark Law Issues Can Explode
by Theresamarie Mantese and Gregory Nowakowski

UELMA: The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act
by Marlene Coir and Virginia C. Thomas

Grace Under Pressure
by Tish Vincent

How Michigan Law Firms Can Successfully Navigate an Office Relocation
by Howard Ecker

Section Briefs


The Uniform Commercial Code Theme Introduction
by John R. Trentacosta

Disputes in the Manufacturing Supply Chain: A Primer on Warranty and Disclaimer Law
by John R. Trentacosta and Vanessa L. Miller

Dueling, Dickering, and Delivering: UCC Battles of the Forms in Manufacturing Contracts
by Jeffrey G. Raphelson and Jane Derse Quasarano

Cost Recovery Actions Involving Old Products: Issues to Consider When Demanding Indemnification
by Patrick F. Hickey and Timothy M. Kuhn

Making Sense of the UCC Statute of Frauds
by Andrew Blum


Opinion and Dissent

SBM Officers Elected for 2014-2015

The Measure of the Man: Tom Rombach aims to bring "wholeness" to the State Bar
by Lynn P. Ingram

Michigan Lawyers in History: Anne R. Davidow
by Carrie Sharlow

Civil War Justices
by Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society

An Internet Rude Awakening
by Robert D. Aicher



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