Antitrust and Franchise Law

September 2008, Volume 87, No. 9

Passing the Gavel and Other Passages
by Ronald D. Keefe

Transition by Repetition: Take One Step Back to Go Two Steps Forward
by Kenneth F. Oettle

Identifying Antitrust and Trade Regulation Resources
by Jan Bissett

Which Came First, the Egg or the Hen?
by Martha Burkett

Book Review: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of Anatomy of a Murder
by Frederick Baker, Jr.

Section Briefs


International and State Antitrust Law: It's Not Just the Sherman Act Anymore
by Steven J. Cernak and Paul F. Novak

An End to Uniqueness-Based Presumptions of Market Power: Beyond Illinois Tool
by Rick Juckniess and Kimberly Kefalas

What Makes a Franchise? The Franchise Fee
by Howard Yale Lederman

Offering Franchises: A Primer
by Stuart M. Bordman

Competition Laws in the Lands of Tigers and Dragons: A Brief Update on India and China
by Atleen Kaur


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