September 2000, Volume 79, No. 9

The Column of the Legal Education CommitteeProfessional-- Responsibility: Bridging the Gap Between Law School and the Practice of Law
by Helen Pratt Mickens

Michigan Lawyers in History--Justice Charles Levin: A Scholarly Independent
by Elisha Fink

Incentives and Recent Developments in the Federal Government
by Gregory J. Odorizzi

President's Page--Together We Can Make the Difference
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh

The Lansing Report.
by Danial J. Kim

The Way I See It--Open Letter to Senators Levin and Abraham Re: Too Many District Judgeships in the Eastern District of Michigan
by John Mayer

U.S. Supreme Court Review--At the Slaughterhouse Door: The Supreme Court’s Narrow View of Federal Authority
by Bill Burdett

A Closer Look at the People Behind the Bar’s Programs and Departments
by Angela Bergman


Access to Justice: Provost David Hall Addresses Equal Justice Conference

Multidisciplinary Practices and the Main Street Lawyer
by Victoria Kremski

Peer Mediation in the Classroom—A New Initiative for the State Bar of Michigan
by Gina E. Polley and Francine Cullari

The Role of the Michigan Open Justice Commission in Improving Public Trust and Confidence
by Justice Marilyn Kelly and Lorraine H. Weber
Judge Harold Hood

To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate Discrimination Claims: That Is Now the Question for Michigan Employers
by Daniel B. Tukel



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