The Uniform Commercial Code

November 2010, Volume 89, No. 11

Where Did I Leave My Rhythm and Balance?
by W. Anthony Jenkins

The Texas Pattern Jury Charges -- A Plain-Language Project: The Writing Consultant's View
by Wayne Schiess

Evidence Standards in Genealogical Research: An Introduction and Guide
by Janice Selberg

Casemaker Unique Among Legal Research Providers
by Greg Lambert

The Power of Two: Law School and Bar Collaborations
by Amy Timmer

Section Briefs


Theme Introduction
by John R. Trentacosta

Using a Liquidated Damages Clause in Major Agreements for the Sale of Goods
by Bob Kenagy

Can the UCC's Provisions Protecting Check Writers from Fraud Also Protect them from Ponzi Schemes?
by Richard W. Paige and Moheeb H. Murray

Amending the Michigan Tooling Lien Statutes: A Necessary Dialectic
by Patrick E. Mears

Commercial Impracticability and Fair Allocation Under UCC 2-615
by John R. Trentacosta


Up Front

Opinion and Dissent

Summary of the State Bar of Michigan FY 2011 Budget

Metamorphosis: A Master Lawyers Section Emerges
by Naseem Stecker

2010 Amendments to the Federal Rules
by Thaddeus E. Morgan and Mark W. McInerney



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