Health Care Law

June 2011, Volume 90, No. 6

Enough Already!
by W. Anthony Jenkins

The Mismatch
by Mark Cooney

Occupational Licensing and Regulation in Public Health
by Bernadette Bartlett

TrialPad for iPad Turns a Toy into a Productivity Tool
by Janet Kyle Altman

Men Caught in the Web of Internet Pornography and Sex Addiction
by Randy Flood

Section Briefs


Health Care Law After the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: A Foreword
by Monica P. Navarro and Donna A. O'Connor

Bending the Health Care Cost Curve: Incentivizing Quality and Efficiency
by Timothy C. Gutwald

One Year Later: The Impact of Health Care Reform on Health Care Provider Audits and Compliance Programs
by Andrew B. Wachler, Jennifer Colagiovanni, and Christopher J. Laney

The Impact of HITECH on Business Associates, Including Attorneys
by Suzanne D. Nolan

Seven Things a Non-Health Care Lawyer Should Know When Advising a Health Care Client
by John A. Anderson


Up Front

Sixth Circuit En Banc Decisions - 2010
by John Ferroli

The Jury Reform Pilot Project - The Envelope, Please
by Hon. Timothy G. Hicks



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