Domestic Violence Awareness

September 2011, Volume 90, No. 9

Diversity Matters: A Final Word
by W. Anthony Jenkins

Writing to Persuade Judges: A New Comprehensive Study Confirms That Judges Find Plain English More Persuasive Than Legalese
by Sean Flammer

Domestic Violence Research Resources for Michigan Attorneys
by Ruth S. Stevens

Navigating the Emotional Minefield Called Litigation: No Client Left Behind
by Candyce Ewing Abbatt

Section Briefs


Theme Introduction
by Mary M. Lovik and Rebecca E. Shiemke

If My Spouse Ever Hit Me, I'd Just Leave!
by Mary M. Lovik

Representing Protective Mothers in Custody and Visitation Litigation
by Lundy Bancroft

Economic Justice in Domestic Violence Litigation
by Ashley Lowe and Sarah R. Prout

Domestic Violence Legal Remedies in Other States
by Rebecca E. Shiemke

Statewide Domestic Violence Initiatives

Domestic Violence Online Resources


A Time to Honor Our Best: State Bar of Michigan 2011 Award Winners
by Samantha Meinke

Milliken v Bradley: The Northern Battle for Desegregation
by Samantha Meinke

Michigan Lawyers in History: Gilbert Moyers
by Carrie Sharlow



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