Labor and Employment Law

September 2013, Volume 92, No. 9

"We Take Care of Our Own"
by Bruce A. Courtade

Indemnification: Banish the Word! -- And Rebuild Your Indemnity Clause from Scratch
by Jeffrey S. Ammon

Voir Dire in a Civil Case
by Deborah Gordon

Hydraulic Fracturing: Sources of Law and Information
by Barbara H. Garavaglia

Outsourcing Your Legal Document Transcription: Working Smarter in Today's Economy (Part 2)
by Richard Jackson

Gearing Down Gracefully
by Tish Vincent

Section Briefs


Theme Introduction
by John R. Runyan

National Labor Relations Board Guidelines for Social Media
by Terry Ann Morgan

What Every Employment Lawyer Needs to Know About the National Labor Relations Act
by John R. Runyan and Mami Kato

Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Claims: An Update
by Timothy H. Howlett and Christina K. McDonald

Alone on an Island: The Realities of Practicing Law for Women of Color
by Michelle P. Crockett


Be Reasonable: How Business Compensation Can Affect Divorce Cases
by John W. Haag Sr.


Up Front -- A Time to Honor Our Best: State Bar of Michigan 2013 Award Winners
by Mike Eidelbes, Lynn Ingram, and Samantha Meinke

Opinion and Dissent

Sixth Circuit -- 2012 En Banc Review
by John A. Ferroli



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