Northern Michigan

May 2001, Volume 80, No. 5

A Defibrillator for Every High School:A Troy lawyer advocates the use of cardiac equipment
by Naseem Stecker

Access to Justice--The Scottsboro Boys: A Metaphor for Justice
by Honorable Victoria A. Roberts

Detroit Area Attorney Heads Caps for Kids
by Naseem Stecker

Doing Good Up North
by Naseem Stecker

Focus on Professional Responsibility
by Thomas K. Byerley

More Than Just Portraits on the Wall: The Supreme Court Historical Society piques interest in our constitutional judicial heritage
by Naseem Stecker

The Headless Snake of Law-Firm Editing: Pleasing your associates and writing in plain English can be tricky—trust your instincts.
by Frederick D. Doherty, Jr.

President's Page--E-News
by Thomas J. Ryan

Speaking Out--Shaping the Judiciary: A framer traces the constitutional origins of selecting Michigan’s Supreme Court justices
by Judge Robert J. Danhof

The View from Above (the Bridge): The tale of a small town judge who hung out his shingle in the U.P.
by Hon. Robert G. Foster

Trials in History--Rough Rider Clears Name in the U.P.:Theodore Roosevelt v George A. Newett, Hon. Richard C. Flannigan, Presiding
by Peter W. Strom and Paul L. Strom

Viewpoints--Change is Afoot: Forging a better profession for us all
by John T. Berry


Judge DeFant: He was a legend whose enthusiasm colored everything he did, from judging to fishing
by Michael J. Anderegg

Railroad Right-of-Way: The struggle to reclaim abandoned land in Leelanau County
by Willaim Davison

Patents and Taxes and POOF! It's Gone: Indians Living in what is Now Northern Michigan Retain No Property Rights
by Stanette Amy



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