Tax Law

June 2001, Volume 80, No. 6

U.S. Supreme Court Review--Bush v Gore
by Leonard M. Niehoff

Crossing the Bar--Preparation for Practice, Preparation for the Law
by Stephen J. Safranek

When Your Boss Wants It the Old Way
by Wayne Schiess

President's Page--Ever Better
by Thomas J. Ryan

Something to Smile About: Paul Goebel Group and Delta Dental team up to offer new member benefit

Speaking Out--Grandparent's Have No Constitutional Rights to Custody and Visitation: The Effect of Troxel v Granville on Michigan Law
by Anne Argiroff and Ann Routt

Viewpoints--UPL- We Need Your Input
by John T. Berry

Cooley's Challenge: Innocence Project teams students with lawyers to free the wrongfully convicted
by Naseem Stecker

Senior Attorney's Fill Legal Niche: The Saginaw County Senior Circuit Pro Bono Bar is first of its kind in the state
by Naseem Stecker Lease Your Way to a New PC
by Ross L. Kodner


The Michigan Education Savings Plan: How saving for college can be a good investment
by Ann-Mary Petroskey

Required Retirement Distributions Made Simple: The IRS surprised everyone by making sweeping changes to the retirement plan age 70 1/2 required distribution rules.
by Warren J. Widmayer

The Purchase and Sale of a Sports Team: Tax issues and rules
by Paul L. B. McKenney and Eric M. Nemeth

Stocking Up: An equity compensation plan giving employees stock options must comply with a host of securities and tax laws for the company and recipients to get the biggest payoff
by Anthony J. Caputo and Julia Caputo Stift

Settling with the IRS: New avenues expedite conflict resolution
by Trevor Wetherington and Vincent Canciello



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