Information Technology Law

July 2001, Volume 80, No. 7

Access to Justice--The Next Best Thing: Unclaimed funds from class action settlements could benefit low-income consumers by deposits in the State Bar of Michigan Access to Justice Development Fund.
by Bradley A. Vauter

Book Review--Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel
by Lloyd A. Semple

Crossing the Bar--On the Changing Prominence of Computers in Legal Education
by Josh Ard

Mentor Michigan: Program steers juveniles away from trouble
by Naseem Stecker

The Best Test of a New Lawyer's Writing
by Joseph Kimble

President's Page--Leadership as a Team Sport
by Thomas J. Ryan

Speaking Out--From the Bench & Bar
by Naseem Stecker

Viewpoints--New President's Conference Highlights: A State Bar Out of Touch- Ouch
by John T. Berry

Technology--Financing Software Upgrades in a Downgraded Market
by John Heckman


Arbitrating Technology Cases: Why arbitration may be more effective than litigation when dealing with technology issues.
by Sandra J. Franklin

A Domain to Call Their Own: Selecting, securing, and protecting a client's desired domain name is an essential piece of the intellectual property puzzle.
by Alan N. Harris

Electronic Records & Signatures: The federal E-Sign Act and Michigan UETA place them on legal par with their paper and ink counterparts
by Janet P. Knaus and Timothey E. Foley

Information Technology Law
by Lawrence R. Jordan

Finding the Right Balance: Business Method Patents Generate Controversy and Legal Attention
by David Syrowik and John LeRoy Surfing the State Bar's Website
by Naseem Stecker

Governmental Liability for Traffic Control Devices
by John A. Braden

Who's In Charge? The Web may be world-wide, but lawmaking bodies are not. Two experts take a look at the evolving field of international jurisdiction over the Internet
by Margaret Khayat Bratt and Norbert F. Kugele

The Case of the Internet Pedophile
by Elmer E. White



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