Administrative Law

January 2002, Volume 81, No. 1

President's Page--It's a Crime: Michigan's system of compensation for criminal defense of the indigent is inadequate
by Bruce W. Neckers

Viewpoints--A Few New Year's Promises
by John T. Berry

Beloved Are the Storytellers
by N.O. Stockmeyer, Jr.

Crossing the Bar--Lawyering Skills in Law and Literature
by Deborah Luyster

Business Problems & Planning-- Enforcement of Non-Disclosure Agreements: Does MCLA 445.1901 and Related Case Law Apply in Other States?
by James C. Bruno and David C. Hissong

Finding Michigan Agency Materials 1
by Kimberly Koscielniak

Continuing to Educate: ICLE keeps pace with legal changes through diverse offerings
by Naseem Stecker

Worrying About Civil Liberties
by Naseem Stecker



The Basics: A practical introduction to administrative law in Michigan
by William C. Fulkerson and Dennis J. Donohue

Judicial Review: Administrative Law and Michigan Courts
by Donald E. Erickson

Off the Record: Michigan's ex parte law needs reform
by Erick Williams

When Can An Agency Appeal Itself? The special case of MDCIS v Shah
by Max R. Hoffman, Jr.

The Fine Art of Listening: Skilled listening is critical in establishing productive attorney-client relationships
by R. Hal Ritter and Patricia A. Wilson



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