Family Law

February 2000, Volume 79, No. 2

The Return of the ''Contract Clause from Hell''
by David T. Daly

Business Problems & Planning—College Savings Accounts: Golden Handcuffs for the Entire Family?
by Robert P. Perry

Director's Dialogue--Support Your Affinity Bar!
by D. Larkin Chenault

Michigan Lawyers in History--Thomas McIntyre Cooley: Michigan’s Most Influential Lawyer
by William J. Fleener, Jr.

Best Research Resources on Family Law
by Sherri L. Katz

President's Page--Together We Can Make the Difference
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh

Focus on Professional Responsibility--Sharing Legal Fees
by Thomas K. Byerley


Important Changes in the Law During the 20th Century: The Abolition of Common Law Marriage
by Henry Baskin

The Reform Spirit in Family Law
by Jon T. Ferrier

The Internet and Divorce
by Henry S. Gornbein

Child Support in High Income Cases, How Much is Too Much?
by Hanley M. Gurwin

by Harvey I. Hauer

New Techniques for the Millennium—The Use of Summary Disposition Motions in Family Law Cases
by Fred Morganroth

Divorce Reform: We Need New Solutions, Not a Return to Fault
by Michael A. Robbins

The Uncertain State of Michigan Equitable Distribution Law Post-Reeves
by John F. Schaefer*

Protecting Children of Divorce Through Parent Education
by Richard S. Victor



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