Appellate Law

May 2002, Volume 81, No. 5

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Court of appeals backlog
by Bruce W. Neckers

Statistics on the Court of Appeals Backlog

by John T. Berry

New Law Provides Brief Window of Amnesty from Michigan Tax Penalties
by Stephen J. Dunn

Earth Material as Evidence: Forensic geologists uncover evidence in soil and water
by Robert A. Hayes, CPG

Taking Socrates' Pulse: Does the Socratic method have continuing vitality in 2002?
by Patricia Mell

Off the Record--Michigan's Ex Parte Law Needs Reform: Two readers respond to a January Bar Journal article on command influence

The Extraordinary Life and Career of Otis Smith
by Michigan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly


by Mary Massaron Ross

Positional Conflicts: Is it ethical to simultaneously represent clients with opposing legal positions?
by Noreen L. Slank

Be Careful What You Ask For: Navigating a remand after you've won the appeal
by Brendan Beery

On the Web: Internet resources for Michigan appellate lawyers
by Barbara H. Goldman

Striking Nonrecord Evidence: When a party to an appeal refers to new documents or testimony in a brief, the appropriate response is a motion to strike
by John Bursch

On the Fast Track: Speed the processing of applications for leave to appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals by avoiding common submission errors
by District Commissioners and Assistant Clerks of the Michigan Court of Appeals



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