Psychology and the Law

October 2002, Volume 81, No. 10

It is a Privilege to Serve You
by Reginald Turner

The Elements of Plain Language
by Joseph Kimble

Evidence of Multiple Personality Disorder in Handwriting
by Leonard Speckin

Distance education at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School
by Mara Kent

EPIC Questions and Answers
by Hon. Phillip E. Harter

Removing an Ethical Barrier to Serving the Poor: Michigan's current ethical rules hamper limited legal aid programs
by Brian D. Wassom

Can a Polygraph Test Help Your Client
by James W. Bassett


Diffusing Anger: Before you lose your cool, consider how expressing anger in a healthy way can change your life.
by Thomas FitzPatrick

De-stressing the Profession: Feel like you're working in a pressure cooker? You're not the only one
by William E. Livingston

Is Domestic Violence About to Spill Into Your Client's Workplace?
by Dr. Darcelle D. White and Dr. Linda M. Kinczkowski and Dr. Pamela Speelman and Martha J. Olijnyk

Interviewing Children: Taking notes or relying on memory is not good enough
by Terence W. Campbell

What You Didn't Say Speaks Volumes: How body language can be used to understand others
by Cynthia Marie-Martinovich Lardner

Mock Trials: Useful preparation for taking your case to court
by Robert Garvey and Stephen Hnat


An Interview with Reginald M. Turner: 68th President of the State Bar of Michigan
by Naseem Stecker

Summary of the State Bar of Michigan Budget 2002-2003



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