Plain English

January 2000, Volume 79, No. 1

Director's Dialogue—Fostering Diversity in the Legal Profession
by D. Larkin Chenault

President's Page—Together We Can Make A Difference
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh

Access to Justice—The Judge's Role
by Hon. Patrick C. Bowler

Focus on Professional Responsibility—Wearing Two Hats: Lawyers Who Also Practice in Other Professions
by Thomas K. Byerley

Tax Notes—Deferred Compensation Plans-Internal Revenue Service Issues a Reprieve-But it is Only a 'Deferral'
by Kenneth M. Wissbrun

Michigan Lawyers in History—Emilia Schaub: 100 Years of Leadership
by Ann Miller


Multidisciplinary Practices—Firms of the Future
by Talha A. Zobair

Multidisciplinary Practice Translated Means
by Jack F. Dunbar

Plain Language in the Federal Government
by Annetta Cheek

Plain English in Michigan Statutes and Rules
by Carol Cousineau and Roger Peters

The Successes of Plain English at the SEC after the First Year
by Marty Dunn and Kristina Schillinger*

Plain English in the Department of Attorney General
by Assistant Attorneys General

Introduction: 15-Year Anniversary Theme Issue
by George Hathaway

An Overview of the Plain English Movement in the Law—15 Years Later
by George Hathaway

Olympic Hopeful ‘‘Runs for a Reason’’
by Angela Bergman

Plain English, Plain Sense
by Eric Pinckert

What Procedures Can be Utilized to Transfer Assets of a Decedent Under EPIC?
by Joan C. Von Handorf

Why I Wrote the Language of the Law
by David Mellinkoff



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