August 2003, Volume 82, No. 8

America Stands for Diversity
by Reginald M. Turner

A Case of "Profound" Consequences
by John T. Berry

Pesky Words
by Scott P. Stolley

Profiles in Courage?: After Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley
by Diane M. Soubly

Michigan Taxation of Pass-Through Entities
by Steven E. Grob


Blood Alcohol Testing: Understanding quantitative blood alcohol testing in drunk driving cases.
by Patrick T. Barone and Jeffery S. Crampton

Realease of Liability Forms: How enforceable are they in outdoor water sports activities?
by Daryl Barton

Structured Settlements: What Attorneys Need to Learn from Grillo v Pettiete
by Christopher R. Gullen

Probate Settlements & Judgments: Amended MCR 2.420 changes the process for minors and legally incapacitatied individuals
by Hon. Milton L. Mack, Jr.


An Historic Presidency: Dennis W. Archer becomes first African American to lead the American Bar Association
by Naseem Stecker

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