Alternative Career Paths

March 2004, Volume 83, No. 3

Lest We Forget
by Scott S. Brinkmeyer

A Judgment Lien Statute: It Makes Good Sense For Michigan
by Michael H. R. Buckles

A Judgment Lien Statute: Advisability of Proposed Legislation
by Lawrence M. Dudek

Technically Speaking
by Paul J. Raine

The ALWD Citation Manual Grows Up: A Guide to the Second Edition
by Pamela Wilkins

Alternative Careers for JDs
by Lance M. Werner


Eleven Years of Service

From Counselor to Counselor: Helping Gifted Children Reach Their Potential
by Cynthia Marie-Martinovich Lardner

Trial and Error in Career Transition: A Case Study
by Dr. Victor L. Kennerly

Getting from Here to There: A Lawyer's Non-Traditional Legal or Non-Legal Job Search
by Michelle A. Borchanian

My Spatual and Briefcase: The Perfect Career Marriage
by Carole L. Chiamp

Gary Peters: A legal education put to many uses
by John C. Schlinker


From the Courtroom to the Newsroom
by Naseem Stecker



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