Probate & Estate Planning

March 2000, Volume 79, No. 3

Director's Dialogue--Stand Up and Be Counted—Leadership Opportunities Available Through Your State Bar
by D. Larkin Chenault

Michigan Lawyers in History--Justice Frank Murphy, Michigan’s Leading Citizen
by Gary Maveal

President's Page--On Solos, Small Firms and MDPs
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh

Access to Justice Development Campaign 2000-The Case for Support
by Candace Crowley


EPIC Drafting
by John E. Bos*

EPIC 386 PA 1998-Rules of Construction and Interpretation for Transfers Upon Death
by Catherine A. Jacobs*

EPIC: Extending Probate Claims Procedures to Decedent’s Revocable Living Trust
by Patricia Gormely Prince and Randall J. Soverinsky*

EPIC Article I, Part 5: The Prudent Investor Rule
by M. Gayle Robinson

Introduction:EPIC-New Probate and Trust Legislation for the New Millennium
by Richard C. Lowe

What Procedures Can Be Utilized to Transfer Assets of a Decedent Under EPIC?
by Joan C. Von Handorf



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