Labor Law

January 2005, Volume 84, No. 1

You Never Stand Alone
by Nancy Diehl

Hon. Duncan M. Beagle
by Francine Cullari

Labor Law Resources
by Daniel D. Kopka

You Be the Judge (Again)
by Joseph Kimble

Section Briefs


Emerging FLSA Trends: Class Actions, Enforcements, and New Regulations
by Michael A. Alaimo and James B. Thelen and Jennifer L. Sabourin

Trade Secret Law for the Employment Lawyer: Handling a misappropriation case
by Carey DeWitt

The Michigan Supreme Court and the Revolt Against Reverse Discrimination
by Glen N. Lenhoff

The Customer is Not Always Right: Non-employee harassment in the workplace
by Jonh C. Schlinker and Matthew K. Payok

How to Help Your Children During and After a Divorce
by Armand Velardo

Drafting Air-Tight Shareholder Agreements: The Michigan Court of Appeals Exposes a Potential Loophole
by Daniel D. Quick and Jeffrey R. Dobson, Jr.


On the Fast Track
by Naseem Stecker

An Appellate Lawyer's Take on Advocacy Under the New Fast Track Summary Disposition Rules



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