Solo Practitioner

February 2005, Volume 84, No. 2

Hear Ye, Hear Ye—Listen Up
by Nancy J. Diehl

Section Briefs

Judges on Effective Writing: The Importance of Plain Language
by Bryan A. Garner

Professor Nelson Miller
by Francine Cullari

Thinking About Going Solo? Do Your Research First
by Jane Edwards


Is Your Parachute Ready to Make the Jump?
by Ginny K. Mikita

Going Solo in Traverse City
by John C. Schlinker

The Lone Ranger: The Perspective of a Solo Prosecutor
by Terrie Case

The Leap of Faith, and What Comes Afterward
by Mark Latchana

Family Law Goes To School: School Laws Every Family Law Practitioner Needs to Know to Assist Divorcing Parents
by Laura Katers Reilly

Evaluating Witness Credibility in Preliminary Examinations: What is for the judge to decide, and what is for the jury?
by Hon. Mark Randon and Timothy Gardner, Jr.

Nine Marketing Keys to Your Best Year Ever
by Dustin A. Cole


Reflections of a Modern Scribe
by Naseem Stecker



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