Criminal Law

June 2000, Volume 79, No. 6

Michigan Lawyers in History--Frank J. Kelley: The Eternal General
by Elmer E. White

Practice Tips on Restitution
by Richard L. Cunningham

President's Page--Together We Can Make the Difference-Historical Perspective, Part 2
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh

A Closer Look at the People Behind the Bar’s Programs and Departments
by Angela Bergman

Tax Notes--The Tax Benefits of Conservation Easements
by Timothy Lindstrom

The Lansing Report
by Danial J. Kim


Alcohol-Related Offenses: Retrograde Extrapolation After Wager
by J. Nicholas Bostic*

Hate Crime Laws: Cure or Placebo?
by Daniel M. Levy

by Karen M. Dunne Woodside

Justice Moody’s Lament Unanswered: Michigan’s Unprincipled Retroactivity Jurisprudence
by Timothy A. Baughman

Michigan’s Arsenal for Fighting Cybercrime: An Overview of State Laws Relating to Computer Crimes
by Patrick Corbett

Restitution and the Rights of Crime Victims
by Brian Moody and Janet A. Napp

Michigan’s Sentencing Guidelines
by Sheila Robertson Deming

State Criminal Jurisdiction in Cyberspace: Is There a Sheriff on the Electronic Frontier?*
by Terrence Berg



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