Consumer Law

October 2006, Volume 85, No. 10

What Matters Now
by Kimberly M. Cahill

Writers Can Learn to Relax by Not Worrying About Some Supposed "Rules"
by Bryan A. Garner

Conducting Consumer Protection Research on the Internet
by Susan Adamczak

H. Wallace Parker
by Francine Cullari

Section Briefs


Bait and Switch in the Mortgage Market: Coping with High-Rate Sleight of Hand
by Frederick L. Miller

Has Michigan Legalized Usury? A New Law Gives Payday Lending the Stamp of Approval
by Lorray S.C. Brown

Litigating Rebuilt Wrecks: De-Stressing the Buyer of a Distressed Vehicle
by Dani K. Liblang

Consumer Mortgage Defense: Challenging Non-Judicial Foreclosures in District Court Summary Proceedings
by Kevin W. Kevelighan

Remedies for Identity Theft Victims: Strategies for Protecting and Preserving Clients' Rights
by Gary M. Victor and Ian B. Lyngklip

Beyond Consent and Unconscionability: Should All Terms in Consumer Contracts Be Enforced?
by Josh Ard


Up Front

Opinion and Dissent

Kimberly M. Cahill: 72nd President of the State Bar of Michigan
by Naseem Stecker

Sally Purcell: 50th President of the Michigan Lawyers Auxiliary
by Paul Purcell

A Proposal to Amend the Rules of Professional Conduct to Prohibit Thompson-Styled Waiver Requests
by Samuel C. Damren

Lawyers' and Judges' Assistance in Michigan - LJAP
by William E. Livingston

Professionalism and Civility in the Upper Peninsula
by Candace Crowley



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