July 2000, Volume 79, No. 7

A Closer Look at the People Behind the Bar’s Programs and Departments
by Angela Bergman

Crossing the Bar--Not the Primrose Path: Educating Lawyers at the Turn of the Last Century
by Patricia Mell

Focus on Professional Responsibility--The Ethics of Judicial Campaigns—Frequently Asked Questions
by Thomas K. Byerley

The Lansing Report
by Danial J. Kim

The Arrows in Our Quiver
by John F. Rohe

Michigan Lawyers in History--Judge Cornelia G. Kennedy: First Lady of the Michigan Judiciary
by Derek J. Sarafa

President's Page--The Importance of the Unified Bar
by Alfred M. Butzbaugh


Getting What Your Client Paid For (Making the PIP Insurance Carrier Pay for Fiduciary Help That is Needed Because of an Accident)
by B. Andrew Rifkin

Insurance Code § 2006(4) Interest on Delinquently Paid Claims: Recognizing the § 2006(1) Optical Illusion and Reconsidering the
by Richard Hugh McDermott*

A Victory for Employees with Disabilities: SSDI Benefits Do Not Preclude Employment Discrimination Claims under the ADA*
by Laura A. Athens

Repeat Offender Driving Reform: Summary of Key Elements and Practice Tips
by Elaine H. Charney

The Freedom of Information Act—Carry a Big Stick
by Martha A. Churchill



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