Contract Law

May 2007, Volume 86, No. 5

Celebrating 50 Years and New Beginnings
by Kimberly M. Cahill

Rewriting a Short Rule: Step by Step
by John Strylowski

Contract Law Resources
by Daniel D. Kopka

Section Briefs

Book Review: The History of Michigan Law
by Gary M. Maveal


Reinsurance Contracts and the Role of Fiduciary Duty
by Gerard V. Mantese and Mark C. Rossman

Physician, Meet Thy Covenant: Noncompete Agreements in the Medical Profession
by Daniel D. Quick

Long-term Contracts, Breach, and the Uniform Commercial Code's Notice Requirement: He Who Hesitates - or Forgets - May Have Lost
by Sheldon H. Klein and Daniel P. Malone and Robin K. Luce

The Much-Maligned Purchase Order: Issues, Strategies, and Solutions
by John R. Trentacosta and Jason D. Menges

Obligations Implied in Michigan Construction Contracts
by William F. Frey


Up Front

Opinion and Dissent

"Spirits, Relics and Rituals": A Lawyer's Passion for African Art
by Naseem Stecker

Michigan State Bar Foundation Report on Financial Statements



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