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Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2000

    Members Present:
    Mike Starrs
    Anita Monaco
    Todd Briggs
    Kappa Mann
    Dianne Roberts
    John Gorzalski
    Michelle Schriner

    1. Minutes:

    The minutes of the February meeting were approved as amended.

    2. Chairperson's Report:

    Mr. Starrs reported that Larkin Chenault had resigned and Danial Kim has been appointed the new interim executive director for the State Bar. He also noted that he has already received a request for information from the State Bar regarding our program for the Annual Meeting in September. He suggested that we should begin thinking about that and about a nominating committee for next year's Council.

    3. Treasurer's Report:

    Mr. Briggs told the Council that as of February 9 we had $5,968.23 in our account.

    4. Secretary's Report:

    Ms. Mann had nothing to report at this time.

    5. Committee Reports:

    Education—Ms. Schriner reviewed the results of the e-mail survey on seminar topics, and Ms. Monaco relayed the gist of her conversations regarding the possibility of providing a diversity training seminar. Because of the need for at least a half-day to do diversity training, it was agreed that our spring seminar topic will be the art of small talk instead.

    Discussion followed on where and when to offer this seminar, and it was decided that we would target early May in the Detroit area. Ms. Monaco will contact the proposed speaker and then set a date. If the seminar is successful, it is possible it will be offered in Lansing at a subsequent date.

    Membership—Ms. Roberts said that she still does not have a report from the State Bar on our current membership. She anticipates a report prior to the printing and distribution of the Bar Journal in April.

    Newsletter—Although Ms. Schriner reported that the newsletter had gone out via e-mail on March 17, no one present had received it. She promised to check the distribution and resend it on Monday.

    Publicity—No report.

    Website—Mr. Gorzalski stated that the list of council members had been corrected on the website and that he hoped everyone would check it out. He also requested that anyone with suggestions for other materials to be included on the website should contact him.

    6. Other Business:

    Mr. Briggs indicated that it was not convenient for him to host the next meeting so Ms. Mann offered to switch dates with him and hold it at her office.

    7. Adjournment:

    The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:00 a.m.



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