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Opinions Interpreting MRPC

The Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct [MRPC] became effective October 1, 1988; conduct occurring after October 1, 1988, is governed by these Rules. For conduct occurring between October 4, 1971 through September 30, 1988, see the former Michigan Code of Professional Responsibility [MCPR] and Tables. For conduct occurring prior to October 4, 1971, see the Michigan Canons of Professional Ethics [MCPE]. This table lists those ethics opinions that cite the respective provisions of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct.

Notice to Lawyers:
State Bar of Michigan ethics opinions are advisory and non-binding in nature. This index is a complete historical catalog. Some of the listed ethics opinions, though not expressly superseded in subsequent ethics opinions, may be nonetheless outmoded or no longer sound due to subsequent changes in case law, statutes, or court rules. Practitioners are urged to thoroughly research all sources to determine the current validity of any given ethics opinion.


Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct Michigan Code of Responsibility Ethics Opinions Interpreting Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct
Scope and Applicability of Rules and Commentary
1.0   R-12, RI-25, RI-55, RI-68, RI-139, RI-149, RI-178, RI-187, RI-199, RI-202, RI-301, RI-343, RI-348, RI-350, RI-358
1.0(b)   RI-287, RI-301
1.1 DR 6-101(A) RI-50, RI-55, RI-128, RI-149, RI-158, RI-191, RI-223, RI-252, RI-254, RI-347, JI-118, RI-348, RI-349, RI-355, RI-358, RI-366
1.1(a)   RI-343
Scope of Representation
1.2   RI-343, RI-347, RI-350, R-21
1.2(a) DR 7-101(A)(1) R-6, R-10, RI-51, RI-76, RI-85, RI-89, RI-125, RI-157, RI-158, RI-171, RI-176, RI-213, RI-250, RI-255, RI-262, RI-267, RI-272, RI-273, RI-275, RI-286, RI-296, RI-302, RI-308, RI-326, RI-348, RI-350
1.2(b)   JI-50, R-6, R-10, R-11, R-14, RI-93, RI-114, RI-125, RI-176, RI-184, RI-198, RI-213, RI-234, RI-267, RI-273, RI-275, RI-319, RI-326, RI-347, RI-348, RI-358
1.2(c) DR 7-102 R-10, R-11, R-14, RI-41, RI-51, RI-61, RI-63, RI-85, RI-89, RI-116, RI-148, RI-151, RI-156, RI-160, RI-165, RI-184, RI-209, RI-213, RI-254, RI-267, RI-272, RI-273, RI-275, RI-302, RI-326, RI-345, RI-347, RI-348, RI-350
1.2(d) DR 9-101(C) RI-33, RI-51, RI-61, RI-151, RI-160, RI-220, RI-267, RI-273, RI-275, RI-326, RI-347
1.3 DR 6-101(A)(3) R-7, R-10, RI-149, RI-189, RI-231, RI-252, RI-301, RI-343, RI-347, RI-355
1.4   RI-343, RI-344, RI-347, RI-349, RI-355
1.4(a)   JI-89, R-6, R-7, R-10, R-14, RI-6, RI-63, RI-67, RI-89, RI-100, RI-125, RI-155, RI-171, RI-190, RI-195, RI-201, RI-202, RI-206, RI-211, RI-213, RI-220, RI-231, RI-234, RI-252, RI-255, RI-262, RI-273, RI-343, RI-350
1.4(b)   JI-89, R-6, R-7, R-10, R-14, RI-63, RI-67, RI-89, RI-128, RI-141, RI-164, RI-171, RI-176, RI-184, RI-190, RI-195, RI-196, RI-200, RI-201, RI-202, RI-206, RI-211, RI-213, RI-219, RI-220, RI-228, RI-231, RI-234, RI-241, RI-252, RI-254, RI-255, RI-262, RI-267, RI-273, RI-275, RI-279, RI-286, RI-289, RI-296, RI-296, RI-310, RI-325, RI-345, RI-347, RI-348, RI-349, RI-359, RI-361
1.5   RI-344, RI-347, RI-350, RI-358, RI-363, RI-310, RI-326
1.5(a) DR 2-106(A), DR 2-106(B) R-11, RI-3, RI-6, RI-10, RI-27, RI-38, RI-40, RI-50, RI-69, RI-73, RI-114, RI-122, RI-147, RI-150, RI-155, RI-162, RI-168, RI-175, RI-193, RI-201, RI-203, RI-234, RI-241, RI-269, RI-308, RI-310, RI-319, RI-326, RI-330, RI-343, R-21, RI-363
1.5(b)   R-7, RI-3, RI-6, RI-10, RI-27, RI-38, RI-50, RI-69, RI-184, RI-191, RI-193, RI-203, RI-241, RI-269, RI-310, RI-317, RI-326, RI-343
1.5(c)   R-11, RI-6, RI-64, RI-73, RI-127, RI-162, RI-175, RI-181, RI-184, RI-193, RI-198, RI-203, RI-204, RI-213, RI-221, RI-241, RI-269, RI-308, RI-310, RI-326, RI-350
1.5(d) DR 2-106(C) RI-28, RI-127, RI-158, RI-181, RI-198, RI-203, RI-204, RI-221, RI-269, RI-286, RI-346
1.5(e) DR 2-107(A) JI-45, RI-19, RI-30, RI-32, RI-68, RI-100, RI-114, RI-116, RI-122, RI-124, RI-158, RI-199, RI-200, RI-201, RI-203, RI-211, RI-214, RI-224, RI-234, RI-270, RI-294, RI-310, RI-326, RI-340, RI-346
Confidentiality of Information
1.6   RI-285, RI-287, RI-301, RI-335, RI-336, RI-340, RI-344, RI-347, JI-118, RI-348, RI-355, RI-361, RI-366
1.6(a) DR 4-101(A), DR 4-101(B) JI-32, JI-38, JI-89, R-2, R-4, R-5, R-8, R-10, R-12, RI-54, RI-57, RI-62, RI-68, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-105, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-140, RI-141, RI-151, RI-168, RI-187, RI-191, RI-200, RI-207, RI-209, RI-220, RI-230, RI-240, RI-249, RI-261, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-300, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321
1.6(b)   R-6, R-8, R-10, RI-15, RI-17, RI-47, RI-68, RI-88, RI-109, RI-118, RI-123, RI-139, RI-140, RI-141, RI-152, RI-154, RI-155, RI-178, RI-183, RI-186, RI-187, RI-190, RI-191, RI-207, RI-230, RI-239, RI-240, RI-249, RI-259, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-300, RI-313, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321, RI-328, RI-335, RI-338, RI-339, RI-358
1.6(b)(1) DR 4-101(B)(1) JI-32, JI-38, JI-50, R-4, R-5, R-6, RI-47, RI-57, RI-72, RI-77, RI-82, RI-88, RI-107, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-210, RI-249, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-318, RI-321, RI-328
1.6(b)(2) DR 4-101(B)(2) RI-47, RI-57, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-107, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-249, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-318, RI-321, RI-328
1.6(b)(3) DR 4-101(B)(3) R-5, R-12, RI-47, RI-57, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-107, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-249, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-318, RI-321, RI-328
1.6(c)   RI-335
1.6(c)(1) DR 4-101(C)(1) RI-51, RI-57, RI-62, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-100, RI-103, RI-109, RI-111, RI-118, RI-139, RI-183, RI-207, RI-209, RI-210, RI-248, RI-249, RI-261, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321, RI-358
1.6(c)(2) DR 4-101(C)(2) RI-51, RI-54, RI-62, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-100, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-160, RI-183, RI-207, RI-209, RI-232, RI-248, RI-249, RI-261, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-311, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321, RI-347
1.6(c)(3)   R-10, RI-13, RI-33, RI-51, RI-62, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-100, RI-106, RI-109, RI-111, RI-116, RI-118, RI-139, RI-151, RI-156, RI-160, RI-183, RI-207, RI-209, RI-248, RI-249, RI-261, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321
1.6(c)(4) DR 4-101(C)(3) RI-62, RI-63, RI-72, RI-77, RI-88, RI-100, RI-106, RI-109, RI-111, RI-118, RI-139, RI-151, RI-160, RI-183, RI-186, RI-207, RI-209, RI-248, RI-249, RI-261, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321
1.6(c)(5) DR 4-101(C)(4) RI-62, RI-72, RI-77, RI-84, RI-88, RI-100, RI-109, RI-118, RI-139, RI-159, RI-168, RI-183, RI-207, RI-209, RI-248, RI-249, RI-261, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-314, RI-318, RI-321
1.6(d) DR 4-101(D) RI-10, RI-15, RI-17, RI-60, RI-72, RI-77, RI-82, RI-109, RI-118, RI-123, RI-139, RI-178, RI-187, RI-190, RI-191, RI-207, RI-248, RI-249, RI-266, RI-272, RI-273, RI-285, RI-313, RI-321, RI-328, RI-335
Conflict of Interest: General Rule
1.7   JI-118, RI-307, RI-310, RI-321, RI-334, RI-347, RI-348, RI-350, RI-366
1.7(a), effective 10/1/88–6/6/89    
1.7(a), effective 6/7/89   R-10, R-13, R-15, R-16, RI-53, RI-80, RI-85, RI-89, RI-98, RI-107, RI-108, RI-112, RI-116, RI-139, RI-155, RI-159, RI-172, RI-177, RI-183, RI-191, RI-223, RI-227, RI-237, RI-239, RI-267, RI-268, RI-278, RI-280, RI-301, RI-321, RI-358
1.7(a)(1), effective 10/1/88–6/6/89 DR 5-105(A)  
1.7(a)(1), effective 6/7/89 DR 5-105(A) R-3, R-4, R-10, RI-50, RI-53, RI-66, RI-68, RI-80, RI-85, RI-89, RI-108, RI-111, RI-112, RI-116, RI-139, RI-155, RI-159, RI-172, RI-177, RI-237, RI-267, RI-268, RI-278, RI-280
1.7(a)(2), effective 10/1/88–6/6/89 DR 5-105(C)  
1.7(a)(2), effective 6/7/89 DR 5-105(C) R-10, RI-53, RI-66, RI-68, RI-80, RI-85, RI-89, RI-111, RI-112, RI-116, RI-139, RI-155, RI-159, RI-172, RI-177, RI-237, RI-267, RI-268, RI-278, RI-280, RI-321
1.7(b)   JI-79, JI-97, R-6, R-10, R-13, R-15, R-16, RI-5, RI-11, RI-12, RI-41, RI-47, RI-60, RI-65, RI-68, RI-76, RI-79, RI-80, RI-84, RI-85, RI-94, RI-96, RI-98, RI-108, RI-110, RI-111, RI-112, RI-116, RI-121, RI-126, RI-129, RI-139, RI-140, RI-145, RI-146, RI-154, RI-155, RI-159, RI-161, RI-164, RI-168, RI-176, RI-177, RI-180, RI-183, RI-190, RI-191, RI-194, RI-195, RI-197, RI-198, RI-206, RI-208, RI-213, RI-214, RI-231, RI-233, RI-236, RI-237, RI-239, RI-242, RI-250, RI-251, RI-254, RI-259, RI-267, RI-268, RI-271, RI-275, RI-278, RI-279, RI-280, RI-281, RI-283, RI-286, RI-289, RI-291, RI-292, RI-294, RI-300, RI-306, RI-317, RI-331, RI-339, RI-343, RI-350, RI-358, RI-361
1.7(b)(1) DR 5-105(A) J-2, JI-29, JI-42, JI-50, R-3, R-4, R-6, R-10, R-13, R-15, RI-5, RI-11, RI-21, RI-22, RI-25, RI-37, RI-41, RI-47, RI-52, RI-60, RI-65, RI-66, RI-68, RI-76, RI-79, RI-80, RI-82, RI-84, RI-85, RI-89, RI-94, RI-96, RI-98, RI-108, RI-112, RI-177, RI-213, RI-214, RI-228, RI-240, RI-251, RI-267, RI-268, RI-271, RI-275, RI-278, RI-279, RI-280
1.7(b)(2) DR 5-105(C) JI-29, JI-42, R-6, R-10, R-13, R-15, RI-5, RI-25, RI-26, RI-37, RI-41, RI-47, RI-50, RI-52, RI-60, RI-65, RI-66, RI-68, RI-76, RI-79, RI-80, RI-84, RI-85, RI-89, RI-94, RI-96, RI-98, RI-177, RI-213, RI-214, RI-251, RI-267, RI-268, RI-271, RI-275, RI-278, RI-279, RI-280, RI-321
Prohibited Transactions
1 .8   RI-307, RI-310, RI-347, RI-366
1.8(a) DR 5-104(A) RI-5, RI-40, RI-60, RI-65, RI-67, RI-82, RI-168, RI-182, RI-190, RI-197, RI-198, RI-203, RI-223, RI-231, RI-268, RI-275, RI-291, RI-308, RI-317, RI-339, RI-354, RI-357
1.8(a)(1)   RI-40, RI-60, RI-65, RI-268, RI-275, RI-321, RI-356
1.8(a)(2)   RI-40, RI-60, RI-65, RI-268, RI-275, RI-321, RI-356
1.8(a)(3)   RI-40, RI-60, RI-65, RI-268, RI-275, RI-356
1.8(b)   RI-77, RI-268, RI-300, JI-118
1.8(c) DR 4-101(C) RI-65, RI-268, RI-291
1.8(d) DR 5-104(B) RI-268
1.8(e)   RI-333, RI-336, R-21
1.8(e)(1) DR 5-103(B) R-6, RI-14, RI-86, RI-91, RI-104, RI-139, RI-140, RI-189, RI-203, RI-241, RI-268, RI-321, RI-356
1.8(e)(2)   RI-14, RI-139, RI-140, RI-189, RI-203, RI-241, RI-268, RI-356
1.8(f) DR 5-107(A) JI-50, RI-89, RI-155, RI-230, RI-268, RI-293, RI-34, RI-338, RI-343, RI-350
1.8(f)(2) DR 5-107(B) RI-321
1.8(g) DR 5-106(A) RI-268
1.8(h) DR 6-102(A) R-17, RI-2, RI-55, RI-196, RI-258, RI-268
1.8(h)(1)   RI-319
1.8(h)(3)   RI-321
1.8(i)   J-4, RI-3, RI-12, RI-228, RI-250, RI-268, RI-289
1.8(j) DR 5-101(A), DR 5-103(A) RI-27, RI-91, RI-182, RI-189, RI-203, RI-268, RI-269, RI-321, RI-354, RI-357
Former Client
1.9   RI-310, RI-335, RI-339, RI-347, RI-366
1.9(a), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90   R-4, RI-35, RI-41, RI-43, RI-46, RI-48, RI-53
1.9(a), effective 8/1/90   R-13, RI-57, RI-80, RI-87, RI-95, RI-97, RI-98, RI-106, RI-123, RI-139, RI-154, RI-161, RI-174, RI-176, RI-191, RI-190, RI-192, RI-227, RI-230, RI-233, RI-239, RI-247, RI-248, RI-266, RI-268, RI-282, RI-287, RI-301, JI-118, RI-358
1.9(b), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90   RI-43
1.9(b), effective 8/1/90   RI-97, RI-115, RI-161, RI-190, RI-191, RI-248, RI-268, RI-284, RI-285, RI-293, JI-118
1.9(c), effective 8/1/90   RI-57, RI-80, RI-106, RI-115, RI-123, RI-139, RI-152, RI-154, RI-161, RI-190, RI-192, RI-207, RI-230, RI-248, RI-261, RI-268, RI-282, RI-283, RI-287, RI-301, JI-118, RI-358
Imputed Disqualification
1.10   RI-310, RI-331, RI-366
1.10(a), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90 DR 5-105(D) R-4, RI-20, RI-21, RI-22, RI-25, RI-43, RI-47, RI-48, RI-53
1.10(a), effective 8/1/90 DR 5-105(D) JI-79, R-13, RI-94, RI-97, RI-102, RI-115, RI-123, RI-152, RI-154, RI-172, RI-176, RI-177, RI-180, RI-191, RI-194, RI-223, RI-228, RI-230, RI-236, RI-237, RI-239, RI-242, RI-249, RI-266, RI-280, RI-306, RI-331, RI-334
1.10(b), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90 DR 5-105(D) R-4, RI-8
1.10(b), effective 8/1/90 DR 5-105(D) RI-97, RI-102, RI-121, RI-123, RI-139, RI-191, RI-266
1.10(b)(1) & (2), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90   R-4, RI-8
1.10(b)(1) & (2), effective 8/1/90   RI-102, RI-123, RI-266, RI-284, RI-285
1.10(c), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90    
1.10(c), effective 8/1/90   RI-266
1.10(d), effective 10/1/88–7/31/90   RI-266
1.10(d), effective 8/1/90   RI-242, RI-266
Successive Government and Private Employment
1.11   RI-366
1.11(a) DR 9-101(B) JI-29, JI-34, JI-97, JI-101, R-4, R-13, R-15, RI-1, RI-4, RI-22, RI-43, RI-68, RI-110, RI-121, RI-126, RI-139, RI-176, RI-177, RI-227, RI-249, RI-253, RI-260, RI-283, RI-292, RI-306, RI-31
1.11(b)   JI-101, RI-235, RI-253, RI-283, RI-292
1.11(c)   JI-34, JI-35, JI-101, R-4, R-13, R-15, RI-1, RI-43, RI-52, RI-110, RI-126, RI-152, RI-249, RI-283
1.11(c)(1)   RI-266
1.11(d)   JI-35, JI-101, R-15, RI-4, RI-11
1.11(e)   JI-101
Former Judge or Arbitrator
1.12(a) DR 9-101(A), DR 9-101(B) JI-28, JI-29, JI-34, JI-42, JI-97, JI-101, R-4, RI-1, RI-43, RI-129, RI-235, RI-260, RI-265, RI-268, RI-288
1.12(b)   JI-35, JI-101, RI-11, RI-43, RI-260, RI-268
1.12(c)   JI-42, JI-97, JI-101, R-4, RI-1, RI-260, RI-268, RI-288
1.12(d)   JI-101, RI-188, RI-235, RI-260, RI-265, RI-268
Organization as Client
1.13(a)   RI-13, RI-47, RI-94, RI-95, RI-96, RI-126, RI-157, RI-183, RI-252, RI-254, RI-259, RI-266, RI-300, RI-345
1.13(b)   RI-13, RI-94, RI-112, RI-183, RI-252, RI-266, RI-300, RI-345
1.13(c)   RI-13, RI-252, RI-266, RI-299
1.13(d)   RI-47, RI-183, RI-252, RI-254, RI-259, RI-266, RI-300
1.13(e)   RI-47, RI-183, RI-252, RI-254, RI-259, RI-266, RI-300
Disabled Client
1.14(a)   RI-51, RI-63, RI-76, RI-139, RI-140, RI-201, RI-213, RI-250
1.14(b)   RI-139, RI-140, RI-201, RI-213
Safekeeping Property
1.15(a), effective 10/1/88–2/21/90 DR 9-102 R-5, RI-37
1.15(a), effective 2/22/90 DR 9-102 R-7, R-12, RI-64, RI-67, RI-69, RI-70, RI-86, RI-92, RI-93, RI-100, RI-107, RI-109, RI-156, RI-168, RI-178, RI-185, RI-188, RI-189, RI-222, RI-245, RI-312, RI-320, RI-329, R-21
1.15(b), effective 10/1/88–2/21/90   RI-38, RI-224
1.15(b), effective 2/22/90   JI-89, R-7, RI-58, RI-63, RI-64, RI-65, RI-67, RI-69, RI-73, RI-168, RI-178, RI-185, RI-189, RI-320, RI-329, R-21, RI-355
1.15(c), effective 10/1/88–2/21/90    
1.15(c), effective 2/22/90   R-7, R-10, RI-61, RI-155, RI-185, RI-329, R-21
1.15(d)   RI-344, R-21
1.15(d)(1), effective 10/1/88–2/21/90    
1.15(d)(1), effective 2/22/90   R-7, RI-64, RI-70, RI-71, RI-107, RI-189, RI-312
1.15(d)(2), effective 10/1/88–2/21/90    
1.15(d)(2), effective 2/22/90   R-7, RI-64, RI-70, RI-71, RI-189, RI-329
1.15(d)(3), effective 2/22/90   RI-329
1.15(e)   R-21
1.15(f)   RI-344
1.15(g)   RI-344, R-21, RI-366
1.15(h)   R-21
1.15(j)   R-21
Trust Account Overdraft Notification
1.15A(a)   R-21
Declining or Terminating Representation
1.16(a)   RI-86, RI-110, RI-123, RI-176, RI-202, RI-220, RI-252, RI-289, RI-296, JI-118, RI-345
1.16(a)(1) DR 2-103(E), DR 2-109(A), DR 2-110(B)(1), DR 2-110(B)(2) R-6, R-10, RI-41, RI-51, RI-86, RI-100, RI-252, JI-118, RI-350
1.16(a)(2) DR 2-110(B)(3), DR 2-110(C)(4) RI-41, JI-118
1.16(a)(3) DR 2-110(B)(4) RI-41, RI-86, JI-118
1.16(b)   RI-343, RI-348, RI-350
1.16(b)(1) DR 2-110(C)(1)(b), DR 2-110(C)(1)(c), DR 2-110(C)(2) RI-209, RI-348
1.16(b)(2) DR 2-110(C)(2) RI-209, JI-118
1.16(b)(3) DR 2-110(C)(1)(d) RI-209, JI-118, RI-348
1.16(b)(4) DR 2-110(C)(1)(f), DR 2-110(C)(1)(i), DR 2-110(C)(1)(j) RI-20, RI-209, JI-118
1.16(b)(5) DR 2-110(C)(1)(d), DR 2-110(C)(1)(e) RI-20, RI-209, RI-252, JI-118
1.16(b)(6)   RI-252, JI-118
1.16(c) DR 2-110(A)(1) R-10, R-11, RI-20, RI-33, RI-51, RI-54, RI-62, RI-84, RI-86, RI-98, RI-139, RI-184, RI-287, RI-296, JI-118
1.16(d) DR 2-110(A)(2), DR 2-110(A)(3) JI-89, RI-10, RI-188, RI-202, RI-203, RI-245, RI-296, JI-118, RI-320, R-21, RI-366
Sale of a Law Practice
1.17(a), effective 10/1/91   RI-100, RI-245, JI-118
1.17(b), effective 10/1/91   RI-245, JI-118
1.17(c), effective 10/1/91   JI-89, RI-245, JI-118
1.17(d), effective 10/1/91   RI-245, JI-118
1.17(e), effective 10/1/91   RI-245, JI-118
2.1 DR 5-107(B) RI-63, RI-128, RI-139, RI-140, RI-158, RI-160, RI-187, RI-190, RI-220, RI-255, RI-262, RI-275, RI-293, RI-325, RI-349, RI-350
2.2   RI-172, RI-176, RI-237, RI-271, RI-278
2.2(a)(1), (2) & (3) DR 5-105(A), DR 5-105(C) RI-271, RI-278
2.2(b)   RI-271, RI-278
2.2(c) DR 5-105(B), DR 5-105(C) R-4, RI-271, RI-278
Evaluation for Use by Third Persons
Meritorious Claims and Contentions
3.1 DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 2-109(A)(1), DR 2-109(A)(2), DR 7-102(A)(1), DR 7-102(A)(2) R-9, R-11, RI-51, RI-58, RI-78, RI-85, RI-88, RI-128, RI-187
Expediting Litigation
3.2 DR 7-101(A)(1) RI-51, RI-52, RI-149
Candor Toward the Tribunal
3.3(a) DR 7-102(A)(5), DR 7-102(B)(1), DR 7-102(B)(2), DR 7-106(B)(1) R-10, RI-13, RI-33, RI-51, RI-55, RI-56, RI-72, RI-78, RI-89, RI-101, RI-111, RI-117, RI-148, RI-151, RI-160, RI-165, RI-268, RI-273, RI-347, RI-348
3.3(a)(1)   RI-176, RI-268, RI-273
3.3(a)(2)   RI-184, RI-268, RI-272, RI-273, RI-347
3.3(a)(4)   RI-184, RI-268, RI-272, RI-273
3.3(b)   RI-13, RI-78, RI-148, RI-160, RI-184, RI-268, RI-273, RI-348
3.3(c)   RI-13, RI-33, RI-78, RI-268, RI-273
3.3(d)   RI-78, RI-268, RI-273
Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel
3.4(a) DR 1-102(A)(4), DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-106(C)(7), DR 7-109(A), DR 7-109(B) RI-56, RI-61, RI-78, RI-302, RI-345
3.4(b) DR 1-102(A)(4), DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-102(A)(6), DR 7-109(C) RI-56, RI-78, RI-117, RI-302
3.4(c) DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-106(A), DR 7-106(C)(5), DR 7-106(C)(7) RI-78, RI-274
3.4(d) DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-106(A), DR 7-106(C)(7) RI-56, RI-78
3.4(e) DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-106(C)(1), DR 7-106(C)(2), DR 7-106(C)(3), DR 7-106(C)(4) RI-78, RI-264
3.4(f) DR 1-102(A)(5), DR 7-104(A)(2), DR 7-109(B) R-2, RI-78, RI-302
Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal
3.5(a) DR 7-106, DR 7-108, DR 7-109, DR 7-110, DR 8-101(A) JI-44, JI-84, R-15, RI-78, RI-121, RI-243
3.5(b) DR 7-108 JI-8, JI-50, JI-83, JI-84, JI-85, R-4, RI-47, RI-78, RI-121, RI-166, RI-195, RI-243, RI-274, RI-361
3.5(c) DR 7-106(C)(6) JI-84, RI-78, RI-243
Trial Publicity
3.6 DR 7-107 JI-27, RI-302
Lawyer as Witness
3.7(a) DR 5-101(B)(1), DR 5-101(B)(2), DR 5-102 RI-26, RI-51, RI-87, RI-96, RI-211, RI-226, RI-264, RI-281, RI-297, RI-299
3.7(b) DR 5-101(B), DR 5-102 RI-21, RI-26, RI-87, RI-96, RI-102, RI-211, RI-233, RI-281, RI-297, RI-299
Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor
3.8(a) DR 7-103(A) RI-23, RI-78
3.8(b)   RI-78, RI-96
3.8(c)   RI-78
3.8(d) DR 7-103(B) RI-78, RI-96
3.8(e) DR 7-107(J) RI-78
Advocate in Nonadjudicative Proceedings
3.9   RI-89, RI-264
Truthfulness in Statements to Others
4.1 DR 7-102(A)(3), DR 7-102(A)(4), DR 7-102(A)(5), DR 7-102(A)(7) JI-44, R-10, RI-42, RI-44, RI-51, RI-55, RI-78, RI-101, RI-156, RI-157, RI-224, RI-241, RI-267, RI-268, RI-347
Communications with Represented Persons
4.2 DR 7-104(A)(1) R-2, RI-39, RI-44, RI-113, RI-120, RI-145, RI-153, RI-171, RI-219, RI-266, RI-267, RI-315, RI-316, RI-322, RI-360
Dealing with Unrepresented Persons
4.3 DR 7-104(A)(2) R-2, R-10, RI-39, RI-44, RI-47, RI-113, RI-145, RI-153, RI-156, RI-157, RI-259, RI-267, RI-350, RI-360
Respect for Rights of Third Persons
4.4 DR 2-110(B)(1), DR 7-101(A)(1), DR 7-102(A)(1), DR 7-106(C)(2),DR 7-108(D), DR 7-108(E), DR 7-108(F) RI-78, RI-88, RI-309
Responsibilities of a Partner or Supervisory Lawyer
5.1(a) DR 4-101(D), DR 7-107(J) R-5, R-7, R-12, RI-93, RI-100, RI-107, RI-109, RI-118, RI-191, RI-212, RI-249, RI-310
5.1(b)   R-7, RI-149, RI-191, RI-212, RI-249, RI-310
5.1(c)   R-4, R-7, RI-191, RI-212, RI-249
Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer
5.2   RI-92, RI-252
5.2(a)   RI-310
Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants
5.3   RI-178, RI-187, RI-191, RI-205, RI-210, RI-249, RI-285, RI-349, RI-355
5.3(a) DR 4-101(D), DR 7-107(J) R-1, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-7, RI-29, RI-34, RI-58, RI-60, RI-100, RI-107, RI-125, RI-153, RI-210, RI-249, RI-325
5.3(b)   RI-29, RI-60, RI-103, RI-104, RI-115, RI-123, RI-125, RI-128, RI-153, RI-210, RI-249, RI-349
5.3(c)   RI-26, RI-128, RI-153, RI-210, RI-249, RI-315
Professional Independence of a Lawyer
5.4   RI-366
5.4(a), effective 10/1/88–9/30/91 DR 3-102(A) JI-38, R-6, R-8, RI-17, RI-19, RI-32, RI-36, RI-75, RI-83, RI-100
5.4(a), effective 10/1/91 DR 3-102(A) RI-100, RI-104, RI-118, RI-141, RI-143, RI-163, RI-164, RI-199, RI-206, RI-223, RI-225, RI-300
5.4(b) DR 3-103(A) RI-105, RI-125, RI-144, RI-199, RI-206, RI-300, RI-310, RI-355
5.4(c) DR 5-107(B) JI-38, JI-50, R-6, R-8, R-10, RI-5, RI-7, RI-15, RI-17, RI-75, RI-94, RI-103, RI-118, RI-139, RI-140, RI-141, RI-147, RI-191, RI-199, RI-206, RI-210, RI-224, RI-293, RI-300, RI-336, RI-338, RI-343, RI-350
5.4(d) DR 5-107(C) RI-7, RI-105, RI-199, RI-206, RI-238
5.4(d)(3)   RI-310
Unauthorized Practice of Law
5.5(a) DR 3-101(A), DR 3-101(B) JI-26, JI-76, R-1, R-8, RI-118, RI-125, RI-128, RI-144, RI-187, RI-190, RI-198, RI-210, RI-223, RI-325
5.5(b)   JI-26, JI-76, R-1, R-8, RI-144, RI-187, RI-190, RI-191, RI-198, RI-210, RI-325, RI-349
5.5, effective 1/1/11   RI-353, RI-355
5.5(a), effective 1/1/11   RI-353
5.5(b), effective 1/1/11   RI-353
Restrictions on Right to Practice
5.6(a), effective 10/1/88–9/30/92 DR 2-108 RI-86, RI-223
5.6(a), effective 10/1/92 DR 2-108 RI-245
5.6(b)   RI-245
Responsibilities Regarding Law-Related Services
5.7   RI-363
5.7(a)   RI-363
Pro Bono Publico Service
6.1   RI-83
Accepting Appointments
6.2   RI-261
Legal Services Organizations and Lawyer Referral Services
6.3   RI-340
6.3(a), effective 10/1/88–12/31/89    
6.3(a), effective 1/1/90   RI-223
6.3(a)(1), effective 1/1/90    
6.3(a)(2), effective 1/1/90    
6.3(b), effective 10/1/88–1/29/90   R-6
6.3(b), effective 1/30/90   R-18, RI-75, RI-167, RI-229, RI-340
6.3(c)   RI-340
Law Reform Activities Affecting a Client's Interests
6.4   RI-331
Professional Conduct
6.5(a)   RI-268
6.5(b)   RI-268
Communications Concerning a Lawyer's Services
7.1   R-17, R-18, RI-81, RI-99, RI-102, RI-142, RI-144, RI-147, RI-163, RI-164, RI-167, RI-169, RI-173, RI-191, RI-193, RI-200, RI-212, RI-221, RI-223, RI-224, RI-229, RI-244, RI-249, RI-276, RI-283, RI-286, RI-290, RI-323, RI-325, RI-326, RI-327, RI-338, RI-340, RI-341, RI-353, RI-355, RI-362
7.1(a)   R-6, R-8, RI-5, RI-7, RI-9, RI-16, RI-24, RI-31, RI-34, RI-42, RI-45, RI-49, RI-55, RI-59, RI-74, RI-81, RI-90, RI-99, RI-102, RI-105, RI-107, RI-110, RI-118, RI-141, RI-212, RI-244, RI-249, RI-276, RI-310, RI-323, RI-356
7.1(b)   R-6, R-8, RI-74, RI-99, RI-212, RI-244, RI-249, RI-276, RI-323, RI-362
7.1(c) Superseded by Admin Order 1978-4 (3/15/78) R-6, R-8, RI-74, RI-99, RI-212, RI-244, RI-249, RI-276, RI-323
7.2   RI-340, RI-366
7.2(a)   RI-169, RI-221, RI-223, RI-276
7.2(b)   RI-340
7.2(c), effective 10/1/88–9/30/92 Superseded by Admin Order 1978-4 (3/15/78) R-6, R-8, RI-5, RI-9, RI-17, RI-24, RI-31, RI-32, RI-36, RI-75, RI-83, RI-118, RI-147, RI-163, RI-164, RI-167, RI-190, RI-191, RI-197, RI-199, RI-206
7.2(c), effective 10/1/92   RI-18, RI-229, RI-340
Direct Contact with Prospective Clients
7.3, effective 10/1/88–12/31/89 DR 2-103(A) R-6, RI-7, RI-18, RI-276
7.3(a), effective 1/1/90   RI-42, RI-49, RI-74, RI-81, RI-99, RI-118, RI-167, RI-169, RI-190, RI-191, RI-193, RI-198, RI-205, RI-223, RI-224, RI-244, RI-276, RI-291
7.3(b), effective 1/1/90   RI-193, RI-198, RI-205, RI-276
Communications of Fields of Practice
7.4 DR 2-105(A) R-17, RI-17, RI-31, RI-142
Firm Names and Letterhead
7.5   RI-353
7.5(a) DR 2-102(A)(4), DR 2-102(D), DR 2-102(E), DR 2-105 RI-16, RI-34, RI-45, RI-59, RI-90, RI-102, RI-144, RI-173, RI-200, RI-212, RI-221, RI-290, RI-323, RI-326, RI-327
7.5(b) DR 2-102(D)  
7.5(c) DR 2-102(B)  
7.5(d) DR 2-102(C) RI-45, RI-59, RI-90, RI-102, RI-105, RI-107, RI-110, RI-130, RI-144, RI-200, RI-249, RI-290, RI-310, RI-323, RI-326, RI-340
Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters
8.1 DR 1-101(A), DR 1-101(B) RI-29
Judges and Legal Officers
8.2(a) DR 8-102 JI-5, JI-7, RI-52
8.2(b)   JI-5, JI-7, RI-52
Reporting Professional Misconduct
8.3   JI-85, RI-176, RI-202
8.3(a) DR 1-103(A), DR 1-103(B) JI-26, RI-78, RI-88, RI-101, RI-122, RI-145, RI-149, RI-171, RI-196, RI-220, RI-232, RI-314
8.3(b)   JI-26, RI-78, RI-195, RI-220
8.3(c), effective 10/1/88–1/5/93   RI-88
8.3(c), effective 1/6/93   RI-220, RI-232, RI-314
8.3(d)   RI-306
8.4(a) DR 1-102(A)(1), DR 1-102(A)(2) JI-102, R-12, RI-5, RI-19, RI-29, RI-37, RI-55, RI-101, RI-122, RI-157, RI-159, RI-171, RI-191, RI-205, RI-220, RI-223, RI-232, RI-315, RI-325
8.4(b) DR 1-102(4) JI-102, RI-37, RI-55, RI-56, RI-78, RI-101, RI-212, RI-256, RI-309, RI-315, RI-347
8.4(c) DR 1-102(5) JI-33, JI-44 JI-102, RI-5, RI-11, RI-17, RI-19, RI-29, RI-37, RI-52, RI-56, RI-61, RI-66, RI-88, RI-89, RI-101, RI-108, RI-144, RI-158, RI-160, RI-165, RI-166, RI-170, RI-171, RI-196, RI-207, RI-235, RI-256, RI-264, RI-265
8.4(d) DR 9-101(C) R-15, RI-78, RI-180, RI-194, RI-236, RI-249, RI-306, RI-331
8.4(e) DR 9-101(C) JI-66, JI-79, RI-195, JI-92, RI-361
8.5   RI-70, RI-225


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