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Public Policy Reports

All reports are in PDF format.

2013-2014 Legislative Session

  • HB4186 Setting Aside the Conviction in Certain Criminal Cases
  • HB4189 Corrections Code of 1953, Parole
  • HB4264 The Michigan Penal Code, Consecutive Sentencing for Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults
  • HB4366 Prohibit Certain Inquiries in Employment Applications
  • HB4451 Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation
  • HB4679 William Van Regenmorter Crime Victim's Rights Act, Review by Crime Victim of Certain Documentation Presented to Parole Board
  • HB4680 Corrections Code of 1953, Review by Crime Victim of Certain Documentation Presented to Parole Board
  • HB5025 Setting Aside of Conviction in Certain Criminal Cases
  • HB5078 The Code of Criminal Procedure, Sentencing Guidelines Commission
  • HB5127 The Code of Criminal Procedure, Assessment Fee for Conviction of a Misdemeanor or Felony
  • HB5216 Corrections Code of 1953, Certificate of Employability
  • HB5217 Revised Judicature Act of 1961, Certificate of Employability
  • HB5218 An Act to Encourage and Contribute to the Rehabilitation of Former Offenders and to Assist Them in the Assumption of the Responsibilities of Citizenship
  • HB5414 Michigan Vehicle Code, Certain Driver Responsibility Fees
  • SB0076 Sex Offenders Registration Act
  • SB0077 The Code of Criminal Procedure
  • SB0098 Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation
  • SB0318 Corrections Code of 1953, Parole of Certain Juvenile Offenders
  • SB0319 The Code of Criminal Procedure, Parole of Certain Juvenile Offenders
  • SB0519 Revised Judicature Act of 1961; Fines, Costs, and Other Indebtedness to Courts
  • SB0557 Mental Health Code
  • SB0558 Mental Health Code
  • SB0591 Setting Aside Criminal Conviction on Grounds of Being a Victim of Human Trafficking
  • SB0633 Michigan Vehicle Code
  • SB0909 Corrections Code, Number of Prisoners Allowed at Correctional Facilities

2011-2012 Legislative Session

  • HB4374 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • HB4375 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • HB4472 Legal Counsel Appointment for Prisoner Parole
  • HB5804 A Bill to Create the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission
  • SB0232 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • SB0233 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • SB1214 Corrections Code of 1953, Parole Board Release Decisions

2009-2010 Legislative Session

  • HB4130 Release of Certain Prisoners for Deportation
  • HB4509 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • HB4510 Commutation Hearings and Procedures
  • HB4518 Juvenile Life Without Parole
  • HB4594 Juvenile Life Without Parole
  • HB4595 Juvenile Life Without Parole
  • HB4596 Juvenile Life Without Parole
  • HB5527 Sales Tax on Services
  • HB5528 Sales Tax on Services
  • HB5529 Sales Tax on Services
  • SB0173 Juvenile Life Without Parole

2007-2008 Legislative Session

  • HB4475 Expedite Commutation Hearings & Procedures for Prisoners who are Terminally Ill
  • HB5213 Record Expungement for Certain Offenders

2005-2006 Legislative Session

  • HB4327 Provides Record Expungement for Certain Offenders
  • HB4542 Enacts Graduated Penalties for Unpaid Child Support
  • HB6532 Provides for Deletion of Record of Criminal Conviction Overturned Based on DNA Evidence
  • SB1019 Provides for Valuing of Assets of Domestic Insurers

2003-2004 Legislative Session




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