Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan
Julu 1-7, 2013
Volume 11 Issue 27

In the Capitol
The House of Representatives and Senate are on break this week.
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In the Hall of Justice
State Supreme Court Recognizes Michigan Citizens for Jury Service during July Juror Appreciation Month, Encourages Others to Serve Throughout the Year

Proposed Amendments
2012-23 – Proposed Amendment of Rule 8.109 of the Michigan Court Rules
The proposed amendment of MCR 8.109 would provide explicit authority for courts to use audio and video recording equipment to make a record of court proceedings and that trial courts using recording equipment would be required to follow the standards relevant to recording of proceedings that are published by the State Court Administrative Office.
Issued: July 3, 2013
Comment period expiration: November 1, 2013

2012-26 – Proposed Amendment of Rule 8.111 of the Michigan Court Rules
This proposal would clarify that the reassignment requirement applies regardless whether the court is acting in the capacity of a trial court or as an appellate court, such as a circuit court considering an appeal of a district court or probate court determination.
Issued: July 3, 2013
Comment period expiration: November 1, 2013

2013-24 – Proposed Rescission of Administrative Order No. 2011-3 and Proposed Adoption of Administrative Order No. 2013-
Proposed Administrative Order 2013-___ would rescind Administrative Order No. 2011-3 and update the guidelines found in that order. The updates would revise the guidelines to make them more reflective of disposition rates based on statewide court data and to accommodate the fact that there may be delay in any case type that would make 100 percent disposition nearly impossible. However, the 100 percent disposition expectation would remain in place for PPO cases.
Issued: July 3, 2013
Comment period expiration: September 1, 2013

At the Bar
SBM Announces 2013 Election Results

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