Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan
August 6–12, 2012
Volume 10 Issue 32

In the Capitol
Committee Meetings of Interest for the Week of 8/13
8/15 House Judiciary
Agenda: SB 1109 Modify sentencing of certain habitual offenders; HB 5551 Increase mileage reimbursement rate for juror; HB 5552 Allow juror compensation reimbursement if funding unit pays increased mileage; HB 5055 Provide waiver under certain circumstances privilege for testimony in Michigan employment security commission proceedings.
SBM Position on SB 1109: The State Bar of Michigan opposes mandatory minimum sentences.
SBM Position on HB 5551: Support
Criminal Jurisprudence & Practice Committee Position on HB 5551: Support
Civil Procedure & Courts Committee Position on HB 5551: Support

8/15 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: HB 4834 Require photograph on medical marihuana card; HB 4851 Clarify definition of "bona fide physician-patient relationship"; HB 4853 Implement sentencing guidelines for crime of selling or providing medical marihuana to unprescribed user; HB 4856 Allow transporting medical marihuana in motor vehicle under certain circumstances; HB 5225 Revise certain procedures for purchase and possession of pistols; HB 5498 Revise sentencing guidelines for certain firearm violations to reflect changes in substantive laws; HB 5499 Revise certain procedures for purchase and possession of pistols; SB 1043 Revise process server fees, and allow fees for certain additional services; SB 989 Prohibit granting of custody or parenting time for parent convicted of certain sexual offenses; And any other business properly before the committee.
Family Law Section Position on SB 989: Oppose

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State News
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