Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan
October 1–7, 2012
Volume 10 Issue 40

FOCUS: Indigent Defense Testimony Before Senate Judiciary
On Tuesday, October 9, the Senate Committee on Judiciary will hold a special hearing to discuss the topic of indigent defense and the state's constitutional requirement to provide indigent defendants with attorneys. HB 5804, a bill to create the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission, is currently being considered in the House of Representatives, with a vote expected following the November election. This Tuesday's committee hearing is in anticipation of the Senate receiving the bill.
HB 5804
House Fiscal Agency Analysis Summary as Reported From Committee

In the Capitol
The Michigan House of Representatives and Senate adjourned Thursday, September 27. Both chambers will be in session Wednesday, October 17 at 10 am.
House Schedule
Senate Schedule

Committee Meetings of Interest for the Week of 10/8
10/9 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: **PLEASE NOTE TIME & LOCATION** Testimony on Indigent Defense.

Complete Committee Meeting List

New Public Acts

In the Hall of Justice
Michigan State Courts' New Website Debuts

Michigan Supreme Court Hears First Oral Arguments of 2012-2013 Session

Rule Amendments
2011-03—Amendment of Rule 9.113 of the Michigan Court Rules
The amendment of MCR 9.113(A) clarifies that the grievance administrator has the discretion to withhold all or part of respondent's answer and any supporting documents from the person who filed the request for investigation.
Issued: October 3, 2012
Effective: January 1, 2013

2011-06—Amendment of Rule 2.603 of the Michigan Court Rules
The amendment of MCR 2.603 clarifies that a court clerk may enter a default judgment if the requested damages are less than the amount claimed in the original complaint, to reflect payments that may have been made or otherwise credited.
Issued: October 3, 2012
Effective: January 1, 2013

2011-08—Amendment of Rule 2.116 of the Michigan Court Rules
Inclusion of the revised language in MCR 2.116(C)(7) clarifies the procedure for bringing a motion for summary disposition on the grounds of a forum selection clause.
Issued: October 3, 2012
Effective: January 1, 2013

2012-10—Amendment of Rule 3.979 of the Michigan Court Rules
The amendment of MCR 3.979 implements the judicial action requirements of 2011 PA 225 and 2011 PA 229 by: (1) acknowledging court jurisdiction over guardianships for which the Department of Human Services will continue providing subsidies after the wards reach age 18; and (2) requiring that the supervising courts conduct annual review hearings and make appropriate findings. Adoption of the amendment enables Michigan to receive federal Title IV-E funding for the post-18 guardianship program.
Issued: October 3, 2012
Effective: January 1, 2013

At the Bar
State Bar President Bruce Courtade and SBM Delegation to Tour U.P. Oct. 15-17

State News
Snyder Speaks Out on Ballot Issues
(Lansing State Journal, 10/7/12)

Keep Citizenship Boxes Off Michigan Voter Application, Judge Says
(Detroit Free Press, 10/6/12)
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Citizenship Question Ordered Off Voter Form
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States Shift Focus to Aid Parolees' Transition Home
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