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January 19, 2016
Volume 14, Issue 03

In the Capitol

New Public Acts

Committee Meetings of Interest This Week—Complete List

1/19 Senate Judiciary, 3:00 p.m. More
SB 597 Enact qualified dispositions in trust act;
SB 598 Modify limitations period under uniform fraudulent transfer act for action relating to qualified dispositions in trust act;
SB 632 Provide to the court of appeals jurisdiction on appeals from orders and judgments of the probate court;
SB 633 Preclude appellate review of certain court orders by probate court;
SB 709 Modify number of judgeships, and provide for certain redistricting;
And any other business properly before the committee.
Probate & Estate Planning Section Position on SB 632 and SB 633: Support

1/20 House Appropriations, 9:00 a.m. More
Testimony Only: SB 56 Modify salary formula for judges.
SBM Position on SB 56: Support.

Legislation Introduced

Of Legal Interest

  • HB 5217 Civil procedure; evictions; proceedings to recover possession of premises because of assault, battery, or unlawful drugs; modify to require a conviction. Amends sec. 5714 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.5714).
  • SB 709 Courts; reorganization; number of judgeships; modify, and provide for certain redistricting. Amends secs. 401, 507, 517, 803, 808, 841, 8115, 8121a, 8123, 8159, 8162 & 8304 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.401 et seq.).

Of General Interest

  • HB 5209 Local government; other; bonding for emergency managers; require, and exempt emergency managers from governmental immunity. Amends 2012 PA 436 (MCL 141.1541141.1575) by adding sec. 9a.
  • HB 5210 Torts; governmental immunity; emergency managers; exempt from governmental immunity. Amends 1964 PA 170 (MCL 691.1401691.1419) by adding sec. 7d.
  • HB 5212 Individual income tax; deductions; limitations and restrictions on deductions of certain retirement and pension income; modify. Amends sec. 30 of 1967 PA 281 (MCL 206.30).
  • SB 689 Corrections; other; county jail bed savings program; establish. Amends 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.201791.285) by adding sec. 65j.

In the Hall of Justice

Michigan Supreme Court Public Administrative Hearing

The Michigan Supreme Court will hold a public administrative hearing on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. To reserve a place on the agenda, please notify the Office of Administrative Counsel in writing at P.O. Box 30052, Lansing, Michigan 48909, or by e-mail at, no later than Monday, January 25, 2016.


At the Bar

January 22 Board of Commissioners Public Policy Agenda
The Public Policy, Image, and Identity Committee will be meeting on Friday, January 22, 2016, to make recommendations for the full Board of Commissioners on public policy items. The agenda can be found online. Members of the State Bar are invited to submit comments to Board of Commissioners on any of the items on the agenda. All comments received before the January 22 meeting will be shared with the Board.

Judicial Vacancy–8th Circuit Court, Ionia County

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